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Currently on view: Nick Brandt’s ‘This Empty World’ including SAVANNAH WITH LION & HUMANS (SWIPE for SLIDESHOW DETAILS)
I wanted to show a shared sense of loss, of empathy, between the lion and the people, that they are both victims of environmental degradation.
As always, the lion was photographed first. Weeks later, with exactly matched lighting, the people were photographed. I was influenced by 19th century American Civil War photos taken on battlefields after the battle was over - the fallen soldiers, the smoke drifting through, the shell-shocked living. .
The photo was taken several hours after the people went in front of camera. I wanted them so used to being there that they were unaware of when I took a photo. My hope being that they would feel more natural and unposed. .
‘This Empty World’ deals with the escalating destruction of the natural world at the hands of humans, showing a world where, overwhelmed by runaway development, there is no longer space for animals to survive.
The photo is currently on view in large scale limited edition print in the exhibitions in Los Angeles.
Exhibitions: NEW YORK: until April 20 (@houkgallery), LOS ANGELES: until April 27 (@faheykleingallery). .
BOOK: published by @thamesandhudson, out next week. Pre-order on Amazon, etc. now (38x33cm), with panoramic double page spreads. .
Othewise please view images in full screen with zoom at
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