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Michael will be going out of town for the next few weeks, only returning home for the weekends. I already don’t get to see him much during the week as it is because he works long/crazy hours. It gets hard. I feel alone a lot, like I don’t really have anyone here to help me or even keep me company. I miss my mom all the time. I don’t have hardly any friends where I live. Thank goodness I have Keith to make me smile, but it’s hard doing everything for him all by myself. I barely have any time for myself and don’t really feel free anymore, which I know once you’re a mom, that’s not an option, but I feel like other women at least have their moms or their husband there to help with a lot of things. If any other mamas out there feel this way, you’re not alone. ❤️


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  • 5w ago ashleycornelll ashleycornelll

    I’m so sorry!!:( that sounds so hard and I feel for you❤️

  • 5w ago allthecoolstuf allthecoolstuf

    You've got all of us kid!

  • 5w ago toxicstarlight toxicstarlight

    So much respect for you. Stay strong lovely lady ✌💜

  • 5w ago dianabrooke21 dianabrooke21

    You have me! I’ll help in any way I can like today when I helped you grocery shop. I know it’s hard I am a call or text away:)

  • 5w ago dagney94 dagney94

    That definitely sounds hard. But Keith will grow up knowing his dad always worked hard to provide for his family! Once our dog is healthy this summer I’ll be much more available too, if you ever need a shopping buddy or an extra set of hands!!

  • 5w ago crimson_dante4 crimson_dante4

    You Got This!

  • 5w ago zzstreet zzstreet

    My husband works shifts so don't see him much and I never see my Mom. So, I'm right there with you. I have two toddlers and it's not easy but you get through it ❤️ Nice to chat with people on here who can relate 🙏🏼😊

  • 5w ago 70smomma 70smomma

    @ashleycornelll thank you, lovely! Not asking for pitty, just sharing some of my feelings lately xx

  • 5w ago 70smomma 70smomma

    @allthecoolstuf You guys are pretty much my only friends haha as sad as that sounds!💛

  • 5w ago 70smomma 70smomma

    @toxicstarlight thank you, pretty💕

  • 5w ago 70smomma 70smomma

    @dianabrooke21 I know!!! And I appreciate you so much! I had you in mind as I was writing this. That’s why I said “I don’t hardly have any friends” because you are pretty much it, girl! Love you and everything you do for Keith and me!!❤️❤️

  • 5w ago 70smomma 70smomma

    @dagney94 For sure!! And I’m not trying to complain or take away anything that he does for us, because I appreciate him so much! We just miss him and it gets hard to be by yourself all the time. Thank you!! Hopefully we have our own place soon and you will be welcome anytime!💜 Sometimes I just need a nap!💕

  • 5w ago 70smomma 70smomma

    @crimson_dante4 I know!!💕 It just gets hard. Thank you!

  • 5w ago 70smomma 70smomma

    @zzstreet It definitely is nice! Thanks, mama!!💞

  • 5w ago dianabrooke21 dianabrooke21

    @70smomma girl I’m joking I know you appreciate me and I appreciate you:) and I love Keith to death! He’s the best it’s like having a nephew here since mine are 5 hours away

  • 5w ago thewolfpeach thewolfpeach

    Totally relate! My husband is gone for work 45% of the time (at least). No family in town to help out. It really can be rough. Even just getting a shower in can be a challenge!

  • 5w ago 70smomma 70smomma

    @thewolfpeach Ahhh yes!! Showers are hard! I’m going on day 2 of no shower right now 😆

  • 5w ago dianabrooke21 dianabrooke21

    Put him in the bouncer in the the bathroom or in the doorway

  • 5w ago itsneciledarling itsneciledarling

    @70smomma sometimes I have to put wyatt in one of his chairs in the bathroom with me so I can shower, even then he will cry my whole shower sometimes but you have to do what you have to do. I can see him the whole time so he's fine. I even put on a timer of 8 min so I don't take long lol

  • 5w ago 70smomma 70smomma

    @itsneciledarling I will do that sometimes too. But if I need to shave or wash my hair he won’t last because I need a bit longer!

  • 5w ago 70smomma 70smomma

    @dianabrooke21 I do when I have to!

  • 5w ago kitiok_hernandez kitiok_hernandez

    Aweee I know what you mean but hang in there soon your baby will be 2 and it gets easier from there on. They grow up so fast 💨 before you know it you will miss him this tiny.

  • 5w ago 70smomma 70smomma

    @kitiok_hernandez Nooo I don’t want him to grow up too soon! I hope you don’t think that. Just want him to sleep better. I worry about him and it’s hard on me too, but I actually want more babies!💖

  • 5w ago itsneciledarling itsneciledarling

    @70smomma lol yup. I know the feeling. I love those 45 min showers when I can take them....but feels like never 😢

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    aw my sweet girl! I wish I could help!

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    @_lou_bee_ ❤️❤️❤️

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