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I could post these pics with a caption far more fitting/ social media appropriate. I could pretend like I’m living a perfect life without struggle and real problems. That would be easier, wouldn’t it? I’ll be real though because I think sometimes people need that, more than we realize

I’ve been going through some of the darkest and most challenging times of my life. Which I’m embarrassed to admit. And in some weird, messed up way, I’ve also had some of the BEST days of my life. I have no idea what I’d do without my friends and family. I truly feel I owe my life to each and every person that has gone above and beyond to get me through. I’m extremely grateful. People rallied around me and helped me to live every day like I was dying (I’m not)

In late 2018 I was diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis (AVN) in both of my hips. Wahoooo!!!! I’m #blessed to be heading out to Duke University in North Carolina to receive a Free Vascularized Fibular Graft on my left hip. Stay tuned for funny videos of me trying to make the most of this 💩storm

This isn’t what people THINK others want to see on Instagram. People want to show off their “highlight” reel. But that’s not life, man. Life is the good and the bad. The ups and downs. Stepping outside your comfort zone. Being the friend to someone that needs it most, even if you’re going through something yourself. Smiling at people JUST because

For a long time I LET someone dictate who I was and what my decisions were. I let others dictate my happiness. I became someone who I wasn’t. LET me be clear, I allowed this to happen. I’m not placing that blame on others for this, because I know I am fully capable of making my own choices

I haven’t always loved my body. I haven’t always been the most confident. I’m still not. Life is always a work in progress. Just taken it one day at a time

0 shame in showin off my new tats because I have a major surgery coming up in THREE DAYS. They about to SLICE AND DICE my ish up. Fo real hahah. I’m excited as hell and simultaneously scared shitless, thats life

If you took the time to read this thoroughly. THANK YOU.


  • 5w ago haileylbrady haileylbrady

    @casey_mckean thank you case 🖤 appreciate ya

  • 5w ago haileylbrady haileylbrady

    @carlson7379 Carrie watching you work towards your goals and learning your story lit a fire inside of me. I felt like I was watching myself work towards any of my own fitness goals. You are an incredible woman. Love you!!!! I’ll be back soon, don’t you worry 😘

  • 5w ago eblystra eblystra

    Sending love your way!!! 💙💙💙 Hope everything goes well... you’re a badass, you’ll get through this!

  • 5w ago juujuboo juujuboo

    @haileylbrady goodluck hailey!!! Anything you need i got u! You got this❤️😘

  • 5w ago haileylbrady haileylbrady

    @90ssexsymbols you’re one of the major inspos/ reason I threw a 90s /00s theme party !!!! Had to show you what an impact you’ve made on my life 😂 and thank you for the well wishes !!!

  • 5w ago haileylbrady haileylbrady

    @illicustoms what’s a crippled girl gotta do to get some sick customs to go with her new wheelchair?!

  • 5w ago haileylbrady haileylbrady

    @keila_bo_beila hahahah babe. I love u. Ur my weird soul sister. We we’re both livin lies early on at Purdue. Sorority life was NOT for us. No wonder I got kicked out #aphi #kickedout #funtimes but hahah u kill me. My mom has already made FIVE comments about my swearing. I haven’t even been here 12 hours. Lori, this is who I am. Plz accept me. Love me or leave me

  • 5w ago illicustoms illicustoms

    @haileylbrady we can easily get your feet right for the wheelchair 🤣💪🔥

  • 5w ago haileylbrady haileylbrady

    @kitfostr goin in dabbin, comin out swag surfin . U know it girly !!!! Best get your best work ready. I need something to wear for my comeback party !!!!

  • 5w ago haileylbrady haileylbrady

    @ashleighhvdw oh honey, it was a hot mess express and you loved me through it. God bless you. You make me so proud . Will miss u so much. Free training any time ur in napes. 45 min training and then like an hour of wine and gossip. Need I bribe more??

  • 5w ago haileylbrady haileylbrady

    @kitfostr lmfao. I’m serious as fuck, get working on my comeback FIT. And while ur at it make one for yourself cause u better be comin

  • 5w ago haileylbrady haileylbrady

    @beccawilmoth thank you lovie. I remember you sharing something with similar sentiments and it definitely inspired me. So thank you!!!!

  • 5w ago haileylbrady haileylbrady

    @hockeyschanck I’m here for you trace. Dark times or not you’re going to come out on top as you always do. Channel that energy you put into our training. I know that’s still inside you. You know it is too. Let’s make this year our bitch !!!! We gotta be our own hype girls

  • 5w ago skiboardnate skiboardnate

    @haileylbrady blessssup 🤣🤘

  • 5w ago haileylbrady haileylbrady

    @sasarahnicole superstar?! Yas queen. Gassin me up on the gram. You know what they say, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” ... hahah 😂 can’t wait to slay bitches and have U help me get this bod back in check once I’m fully recovered .

  • 5w ago haileylbrady haileylbrady

    @dmarievb well u know I love u all more cause I’m sociopath like that hahahah 😘

  • 5w ago haileylbrady haileylbrady

    @smadams11 thank you sue. I miss you!!! I’m here for you too. Once I’m out and about I want to come visit or grab coffee 🖤 on me cause you have helped me out wayy too much in the past 😘

  • 5w ago haileylbrady haileylbrady

    @courthouse_fit thank you lovie!!! I appreciate that more than you know

  • 5w ago haileylbrady haileylbrady

    @eblystra I really am a BAD ass. Literally. My parents are not pleased. Very bad. Ya win some, ya lose some. Miss you and love u. Hope you’re still killin your goals !!!

  • 5w ago haileylbrady haileylbrady

    @skiboardnate when I’m healed , teach me to snowboard well. I gave up after 1 try cause I sucked and I hate sucking at shit

  • 5w ago haileylbrady haileylbrady

    @skiboardnate I tried once and sucked so I gave up. I hate sucking at things (who doesn’t) willing to try again if I can make certain that someone legitimate is teaching me!!!! @you

  • 5w ago haileylbrady haileylbrady

    @illicustoms fuck yes I knew I kept you around for a reason fam!!! Remember when I tracked your ass down for those sick cubs kicks (those were for my ex 😂 hahah tears) in the loop. You were slangin shoes on the clock

  • 5w ago allyvaethfit allyvaethfit


  • 5w ago taylorroseevans taylorroseevans

    You got this!! ❤️❤️

  • 5w ago steph.yay steph.yay

    @haileylbrady I miss you girl, we need to try to figure something out!! JoJo would LOVE you!! She’ll have you playing makeup for hours!

  • 5w ago beccawilmoth beccawilmoth

    @haileylbrady aw love to hear that!!

  • 5w ago bersanophotography bersanophotography

    @haileylbrady sounds great and ready when you are!!📸😊 Talk soon!

  • 5w ago kitfostr kitfostr

    @haileylbrady YASSSSSS my kween I gotchu ! ! ! 👑😘💃🏼💕💕

  • 5w ago haileylbrady haileylbrady

    @allyvaethfit 🖤🖤

  • 5w ago haileylbrady haileylbrady

    @taylorroseevans thanks Taylor 😘 miss you girl. Hope you’re well

  • 5w ago runninglexi runninglexi

    Love your spirit and attitude thru this Hails!! You’re in my prayers💖. Go rock surgery girl💪🏼

  • 5w ago aliiihamilton aliiihamilton

    Love the tats! You’re a bad ass. Sending positive vibes you’re way and I’ll be thinking of you, you got this ❤️

  • 5w ago michellemybelle0704 michellemybelle0704

    @haileylbrady you're welcome girl! And honestly not at all❤️ trust me off prep, enjoying life to the fullest with loved ones is all i want to do. So what if we like to partyyyy😜

  • 5w ago kellenkoewler kellenkoewler

    Proud of you Hailey!! Good luck with your surgery 😩💜 I will be thinking of you!!!!

  • 5w ago keila_bo_beila keila_bo_beila

    @haileylbrady #burnthebra #burntheprofanityfilter #freethenipple #liveyourtruth #goodluckwurhipreplacmentgrandma #herefortherecovery #badbitchbouttabouncebackbaby

  • 5w ago ashleighhvdw ashleighhvdw

    @haileylbrady omg be there every week ❤️❤️❤️

  • 5w ago haileylbrady haileylbrady

    @runninglexi thank you dude!!! I appreciate it. I’m gunna give it my all 😅

  • 5w ago haileylbrady haileylbrady

    @aliiihamilton thanks girl! I appreciate it more than you know. 🖤

  • 5w ago haileylbrady haileylbrady

    @kellenkoewler 🖤🖤🖤 thank you Kellen. Appreciate you gf!!!

  • 4w ago lucid.heartwork lucid.heartwork


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