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The Las Vegas skyline is incredible to photograph with all the moving lights, tall buildings, and even a Ferris Wheel! The Strip is so long, we had to make a panorama to view it all. Swipe to view the full panoramic image. We photographed this from the top floor of the Hard Rock Hotel parking garage. #frykmangallery #lasvegasstrip #vegasstrip #vegasskyline #lasvegasskyline #cityatnight #hardrockhotel


  • 5w ago cdlkohl cdlkohl

    My favorite skyline 💕

  • 5w ago frykmangallery frykmangallery

    @cdlkohl, we thought it was pretty nice too. Did you guys just vacation out here?

  • 5w ago cdlkohl cdlkohl

    @frykmangallery have been there a few times but not since November 2017. We may be going this year again. I love the climate!

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