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BREAKING: Aaron Hicks will miss the opening series against the Baltimore Orioles but is expected to return for the second series of the season against the Detroit Tigers.
This likely means that both Greg Bird and Luke Voit will make the team. The question that remains is, who will get the final spot Clint Frazier or Tyler Wade? If I had to guess, I would say Wade because he has more versatility and has had the better spring.

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  • 9w ago sandrita527 sandrita527


  • 9w ago sir_vic_91 sir_vic_91

    Any news on Ellsbury? 😂

  • 9w ago albie21 albie21


  • 9w ago rick888_ rick888_

    They are dropping like flies 2 starting pitchers and now our CF wtf

  • 9w ago iamemy1951 iamemy1951


  • 9w ago elmohfd elmohfd

    He’s a bum, Yankees should of never signed him to that big contract.

  • 9w ago cthartman44 cthartman44

    @sir_vic_91 he broke his ankle going to his kitchen today. Out forever

  • 9w ago

    @sir_vic_91 Ellsbury is not close to returning. He is hitting off a tee and playing catch at short distances. He is expected to speak to reporters tomorrow so we should know more.

  • 9w ago miketrevino57 miketrevino57

    Another opportunity for Ellsbury to play and still not ready. I think it’s time to let him go. Yanks are gonna eat it but considering that he’s just not a fit for the team anymore. Ellsbury needs to go. Then again I could be wrong

  • 9w ago thethrill90 thethrill90

    Dam. Florial going down really sucks he could've had a shot to play

  • 9w ago tayloravery_92 tayloravery_92

    just want a full healthy starting lineup. Jesus Christ

  • 9w ago sir_vic_91 sir_vic_91

    @cthartman44 poor guy 😂

  • 9w ago nyc.exec777 nyc.exec777

    And so it goes with Hicks. Frequently hurt.

  • 9w ago gmbevins11 gmbevins11

    Wow, that sucks. Now Ellsbury gets another opportunity and he’s not even ready :(

  • 9w ago timps14 timps14

    Too bad Florial broke his wrist too. Damn

  • 9w ago huntrbennett huntrbennett

    I hope it’s wade

  • 9w ago gentrak38 gentrak38 wait, not close to returning? When did he get hurt again? That guy is just collecting man and doesn’t even care bout the game anymore

  • 9w ago jwatters42 jwatters42


  • 9w ago jwatters42 jwatters42

    Ellsbury ????

  • 9w ago bones24680 bones24680

    Another great cashman contract

  • 9w ago msong13 msong13 is it still the same injury?

  • 9w ago mikewho61 mikewho61

    Everybody still think we didn’t need Harper?

  • 9w ago nathanhugill nathanhugill

    Hahahaha. They extend Severino and Hicks and they start on DL. #cursed

  • 9w ago rrrrrogerthat rrrrrogerthat

    7 year contract for a career .236 hitter with one above average season.. hurt without playing a game into that contract.. great

  • 9w ago joedonnaereddia joedonnaereddia

    Hicks keeps it up with his injury bug, he's gonna make the Ellsbury contract look like a dream!

  • 9w ago lapyyy lapyyy

    Why Tyler wade! We already have DJ and then 2 first baseman. We are covered with the infield. Plus wade is trash, they guy can’t hit! His spring has been fairly well but he isn’t playing against studs. Frazier needs reps in the show

  • 9w ago

    @gentrak38 He had left hip surgery.

  • 9w ago

    @msong13 Left hip surgery.

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