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Behind the scenes with @jl_rachelp showing us the pink tones to try this season ✨

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  • 4w ago wildflowerview wildflowerview

    The the combination of pastle pink with red

  • 4w ago mycotswoldhome mycotswoldhome

    I’m so pleased pinks are in this year as I want a blush coloured dress for a special wedding.

  • 4w ago nattynora nattynora

    What bag is that please?

  • 4w ago femicate femicate

    She is saying us how to build a pink look while actually wearing a total black outfit... 🤣🔝💓

  • 4w ago rutlandgirlfashionstyle rutlandgirlfashionstyle

    Gorgeous colours

  • 4w ago andreabford andreabford

    I bought a clothes rail from John Lewis .com similar to the rails shown but with storage in the bottom ideal for a small bedroom Only £80 very impressed with the quality !

  • 4w ago benpathoban benpathoban

    Lovely 💕💕💕

  • 4w ago beckyball beckyball

    Is the clothing rail from John Lewis?

  • 4w ago nicolecharlotteevents nicolecharlotteevents

    We love a soft pink 😍🙌

  • 4w ago johnlewisandpartners johnlewisandpartners

    @mycotswoldhome Blush is a gorgeous choice for a wedding ❤️️

  • 4w ago johnlewisandpartners johnlewisandpartners

    @nattynora It sure is! This is an absolutely stunning bag - the Aria leather box shoulder bag 😍 40046540 ~ Sophie

  • 4w ago johnlewisandpartners johnlewisandpartners

    @beckyball Hi Becky it is, this is our Brooklyn clothes rail 57088043 - proving that open storage can be just as attractive as concealed 😊 ~ Sophie

  • 4w ago beckyball beckyball

    @johnlewisandpartners thanks for the info 😊 I’ve had a look and the reviews are a bit mixed... reports of rust and people receiving damaged returns 😕 How could I be sure to receive a brand new one in good condition? £120 for a clothing rail isn’t exactly cheap.

  • 4w ago johnlewisandpartners johnlewisandpartners

    @beckyball Hello Becky, our Brooklyn Clothes Rail is highly rated with 4.5/5 stars 💫 Our products go through stringent security checks to make sure they are of the quality our customers would expect. I'm confident you'd be happy with your purchase - Nicola

  • 4w ago johnlewisandpartners johnlewisandpartners

    @andreabford That’s great, Andrea. Glad we’ve been able to provide the answer for all your storage needs ☺️💕 - Nicola

  • 4w ago beckyball beckyball

    @johnlewisandpartners ah I thought I had been looking at the white version but have just noticed the names are different. They look identical otherwise though... are they not the same? 🤔 number 57088024

  • 4w ago johnlewisandpartners johnlewisandpartners

    @beckyball Hi Becky, they're slightly different but very similar. The white version is House by John Lewis Clothes Rail, priced at £120.00 - Gina

  • 4w ago littlelettersstudio littlelettersstudio

    The colours 🙌🙌🙌🙌

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