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Just in case you missed the Sonic the Hedgehog panel at SXSW, we have a brand new range of amazing merch for Team Sonic Racing, available right now on the SEGA Shop!





  • 5w ago jaycoffshifu13 jaycoffshifu13

    i will wait this moment my evry life

  • 5w ago diegojuradon diegojuradon

    Well, thank you for letting me know I need that mug in my life now.

  • 5w ago burntt_celeryy burntt_celeryy

    F R O G G Y !

  • 5w ago free_heart44 free_heart44

    I need it! <3

  • 5w ago adkins.jones adkins.jones

    @soni_fire_the_jojo_reference this gives me PTSD. For the longest time I thought you had to time your jumps or use bubble shield

  • 5w ago soni_fire_the_jojo_reference soni_fire_the_jojo_reference

    @adkins.jones Im 13 and I remember when I was 6 and i had to get my dad to do it for me

  • 5w ago bigjazzyal bigjazzyal

    The mug is frightening, yet tempting

  • 5w ago shadowkelsey1 shadowkelsey1

    Got my TSR tshirt orderd

  • 5w ago shanmanxc shanmanxc


  • 5w ago adriana_gimenez_ adriana_gimenez_


  • 5w ago _shwane_ _shwane_

    YO wait im actually getting the froggy shirt!!

  • 5w ago

    Hello! You can keep scrolling, but it would mean so much to us if you could check out our youtube channel! We upload alot and we do challenges! Self Promotion is really sketchy and stupid, but Im doing it anywayπŸ˜‚

  • 5w ago breadolife breadolife

    i lowkey want a froggy shirt

  • 5w ago leo.sektor leo.sektor

    I wany that cup of casino NIGHT!

  • 5w ago jurchen_devil_charmer33yuan jurchen_devil_charmer33yuan


  • 5w ago somecallmeryn somecallmeryn


  • 5w ago xanderthedweeb xanderthedweeb

    I need that Froggy T-shirt.

  • 5w ago changingtheworlds changingtheworlds

    @google is stealing your gaming console ideas from the 90’s with a gaming streaming service. @sega already did this with Sega Channel. It’s crazy to think how far ahead Sega was Than Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft etc in terms of the ultimate gaming console.

  • 5w ago yonatanjoker yonatanjoker

    Nhnhnh lol

  • 5w ago o_g_sandberg o_g_sandberg

    I've never simultaneously loved and disliked a mug yet

  • 5w ago europeanhohol europeanhohol

    Where is a new console?!

  • 4w ago mothafuckn_russ mothafuckn_russ

    I don't have Twitter so I'm posting it here. JET SET RADIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

  • 4w ago amyyrelli amyyrelli

    Plz NiGHTS 3!

  • 4w ago ryannw14 ryannw14

    Hi guys. Im in the market foe a mega drive so i have a few queations before getting one. 1. Mega drive I or II. 2. What games would you recommend? 3. What cable does it use to connect to the tv. Thanks :)

  • 4w ago adkins.jones adkins.jones

    @soni_fire_the_jojo_reference for the longest time I just didn't play the game because I couldn't get past it.

  • 4w ago soni_fire_the_jojo_reference soni_fire_the_jojo_reference

    @adkins.jones me too, but my dad helped when he got home from work

  • 4w ago n_e_e_t n_e_e_t

    @sega please do a Panzer Dragoon HD collection!!

  • 4w ago lucajackets lucajackets

    Style :)

  • 4w ago retro_collector_bh retro_collector_bh


  • 4w ago retro_collector_bh retro_collector_bh


  • 4w ago justme2thatishim justme2thatishim

    I say put a Blu-ray in it and call it super saturn #SEGA rehash the power and the controller and make only 50,000 make only 100 rehash remake Sega Genesis and other classic games limited edition if review is good make another 50,000 till you see a million once that happens make 50 more games then retail sell the market don't expect more then 10 or 15 million console sold save and upgrade it for a sequel console 150 remake games a Blu-ray disc player to top out profitable home system the next console uses dual Ray technology never heard of it I know I just invented it backwards compatible a two eye reader mini disc Ray sight #Sony made share pLaY Blu Ray a dual shock 4 inspired knights into the dream world shaped controller and a vmu or umv detached able smartwatch memory purpose controller connection brand it you heard it hear first i just gave away one hell of a console for #Sega to play with Sony also since it's there brains moving it Blu-ray dual core memory saving more on the disc then console yester years memory of save options leaving more storage to play dlc games with period or call in NEUGENX AS NEW GENESIS X. CD ROM Blu-ray drives

  • 4w ago bonniexx55_yt bonniexx55_yt


  • 4w ago tank_dbn tank_dbn


  • 4w ago cellomarquin cellomarquin


  • 4w ago cellomarquin cellomarquin


  • 4w ago emily.joss emily.joss

    Is Yakuza 3 ps4 coming to America bc I can’t wait any longer plz respond

  • 3w ago retro_collector_bh retro_collector_bh


  • 3w ago retro_collector_bh retro_collector_bh


  • 3w ago retro_collector_bh retro_collector_bh


  • 3w ago rickcosmic504 rickcosmic504

    That Froggy shirt is dope.

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