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After a long day of DIY, I feel like it’s ok to be a bit decadent! It’s Saturday night, after all ☺️
This is my all time favourite cocktail 🍸 The French 75:
This fabulous vintage cocktail was created in 1915 in Paris, referencing the surprising fact that it kicks like a 75-millimetre howitzer(!) because it’s unexpectedly strong for its refreshing, tangy taste. It’s what they order at Rick’s Bar in the iconic movie Casablanca too which adds another layer of chic!
Fancy trying your own? This is my recipe:
-2 oz dry gin (or cognac if you prefer)
- 1.5 oz of freshly squeezed lemon juice (thank you Gordon, my lemon tree 🍋)
-5 oz of chilled champagne -1 tsp. Caster sugar or sugar gomme
Shake the gin, sugar and lemon juice together with ice. Pour into a chilled champagne coupe or flute and top with champagne. Garnish with a twist of lemon peel.
I used Crémant de la Loire instead of champagne. It was Queen Victoria’s favourite so if it’s good enough for her, it’s definitely good enough for the intrepid châtelaine 😉 Santé!🥂


  • 4w ago simply.eileen simply.eileen

    Sounds delicious Erin... must give your recipe a whirl!! 😉

  • 4w ago karen.pyle karen.pyle

    Omg this sounds fabulous.and i must say very elegant glasses.u have to have the right glass with the right drink u know what i mean!!xx

  • 4w ago alandiaspirits alandiaspirits

    We like it, greetings! 💚 💚

  • 4w ago karen.pyle karen.pyle

    I might try this i have all the ingrediants except the of my shopping list tomorrow.xxchin chin.x

  • 4w ago chateaudelaruche chateaudelaruche

    Now that sounds like a good drink. @t1mjones if you could make me one of these please I’d be most obliged 😉 x

  • 4w ago charmaine_bannister charmaine_bannister


  • 4w ago theintrepidchatelaine theintrepidchatelaine

    @chateaudelaruche hehe it’s got a serious kick but it’s lovely!

  • 4w ago theintrepidchatelaine theintrepidchatelaine

    @karen.pyle wonderful! I hope you like it!

  • 4w ago theintrepidchatelaine theintrepidchatelaine

    @karen.pyle thank you. I agree! It definitely tastes better in a lovely glass

  • 4w ago jane_farmery jane_farmery

    Sitting in my lounge here in North London, cannot wait for my next trip to France .. so to get into the spirit (pardon the pun ) I’m going to try out your recipe! Slanted as the Irish say x

  • 4w ago cathtaaffehaughton cathtaaffehaughton

    Oh that sounds fabulous ..@theintrepidchatelaine mouth is watering here sounds so refreshing !!! Going to try that out for sure 🍸🍸🍸😍👍

  • 4w ago theintrepidchatelaine theintrepidchatelaine

    @jane_farmery ☺️🍸 santé

  • 4w ago kameelahays1248 kameelahays1248

    Sounds delish. Can't beat a Cremant de la Loire(G&M)😍👌

  • 4w ago fip62 fip62

    Looks fabulous although cocktails not really my thing. Crémant, on the other hand.....👌

  • 4w ago danielebriard danielebriard

    Thanks for your kind words... Yes, I had read your post about the heir to your castle who got killed in 1916. I am glad you have his portrait hanging on your wall. I think it's important for the pictures/faces of the dead to be seen... It seems you're well worth of this castle. Best regards...

  • 4w ago lee_sarah33 lee_sarah33

    Sounds fabulously delicious. I’m going to have to try this

  • 4w ago theintrepidchatelaine theintrepidchatelaine

    @danielebriard thank you. I completely agree how important it is to save their memories. We feel like we are just the guardians here looking after their house and hoping we do it justice. Bonne soirée

  • 4w ago theintrepidchatelaine theintrepidchatelaine

    @fip62 a cold glass of crémant in the sunshine is bliss☀️

  • 4w ago real_maril real_maril


  • 4w ago danielebriard danielebriard

    You seem to be doing just fine in that castle... I have a deep interest in renovations, as my father was a stone carver specialised in 'old stones' and manor houses, chapels' renovations. Bonne nuit.

  • 4w ago theotherfiona theotherfiona

    Sounds tasty! Also gorgeous glasses! 😍

  • 4w ago englishgardenenamels englishgardenenamels

    An wonderful elderly French farming neighbour gave me v similar, but he used Cointreau in place of Cognac/gin. He always jokingly referred to it as “la soupe”! Will try with Cognac!🍸🍾💕

  • 4w ago theintrepidchatelaine theintrepidchatelaine

    @englishgardenenamels ooo the citrus of Cointreau could work really well here. Could probably reduce the sugar gomme then too. I will definitely try this twist. Thanks!

  • 4w ago laurel_hd laurel_hd

    Just binged on the show with a glass of wine in hand and absolutely loved seeing the progress you both have made with your chateau. So fascinating. Cheers to you!🍸

  • 4w ago run.cycle.rave run.cycle.rave

    Is this a similar drink to what we had when i was with you? But cold?

  • 4w ago sucrelis sucrelis

    Our favorite New Years Eve Cocktail. 👍🏻😍

  • 4w ago mkgraetz mkgraetz

    Writing these down for future reference. Love the Casablanca reference as well!

  • 4w ago brenfaucon brenfaucon

    Nice image!

  • 4w ago theintrepidchatelaine theintrepidchatelaine

    @run.cycle.rave oh yes a variation- it’s gin based too. I made you a mulled gin one too with warm apple juice with Christmas spices. Come back soon- I’ll make you the French 75 next! It’s refreshing but it has a kick!

  • 4w ago englishgardenenamels englishgardenenamels

    I’ve also used Pulco lemon sugar syrup, avail everywhere in 🇫🇷 suoermarkets, if I’m out of 🍋. Enjoy!

  • 4w ago theintrepidchatelaine theintrepidchatelaine

    @englishgardenenamels Great tip 👍 thanks

  • 4w ago sparklexstyle sparklexstyle

    @wheresmossy favourite tipple I believe! ⭐️⚡️✨🍸 especially the one made @ritzparis bar which is fabulous. Yours look just as divine! ⭐️🍋🍾😀

  • 4w ago theintrepidchatelaine theintrepidchatelaine

    @sparklexstyle delicious, isn’t it! I imagine the Ritz version is wonderful! What a treat!

  • 4w ago sharonm889aolcom sharonm889aolcom

    Thank you for the recipe, will certainly be giving it a go 😜❤️

  • 4w ago traceybgough traceybgough

    Oh god. I love a French 75. The best one I’ve ever had was in Bali @ #champagnebarbali 💙

  • 4w ago bike_to_the_shop bike_to_the_shop

    I love a 75. It was the drink I bought for my team when I finished work in the Uk . I have a preference for any gin cocktail. A round of Vespers usually floors my guests. #gin-cocktails #james-bond

  • 4w ago caroleamanheim caroleamanheim

    🥂 thank you. We made it yesterday. Deliciously refreshing.. need the coupe glasses 😁

  • 4w ago theintrepidchatelaine theintrepidchatelaine

    @caroleamanheim oh wonderful! I’m so pleased you made it and enjoyed it. These coupe glasses were from @johnlewisandpartners I love them!

  • 4w ago caroleamanheim caroleamanheim

    @theintrepidchatelaine haha..literally just looked at the Waterford ones from John Lewis

  • 4w ago theintrepidchatelaine theintrepidchatelaine

    @caroleamanheim great minds! Mine were a birthday present. I wonder if I still have the box somewhere. All I know is they’re hand made and from John Lewis!

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