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Celebrated International Womens Day with Rwanda Woman Association in NL.
My dear friend Power Queen Hilda Kamali thank you so much For the invitation. Congratulations on Your new position in the board.
I fell more in Love with Your BEAUTIFUL people, Culture, language, country And spirit.
Rwanda is ranking on the top 4 worldwide on human rights For Women. One of Many examples of how Rwanda is RISING!!! Just 25 years ago you went through one of the world most devastating genocide. Yet here you are today, trailblazing And being annexample For other African countries and the rest of the WORLD to follow!!
I feel gratefull & humbled. Today fed My soul with Joy And pride.
To see the work of amazing Rwandese Women & Men...
I learned from Hilda that President Kagame introduced the concept of AGACIRO, which means Dignity.
As Black/Afrikan people we know all to well how our Culture & Countries are being portrayed in the mainstream western media. We are changing the narrative by telling our OWN stories! Stories which are not Fairy Tales but complex, multi layered, painfull And yet full of resiliance, beauty, hope And determiniation to keep on RISING And return to our GREATNESS with a whole lot of AGACIRO! Ashe
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