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When it comes to top brands among Blade HQ employees, Hogue easily makes the top 10 list. With tons of distinctive designs to choose from, there's an All Star option for everyone.
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  • 4w ago edcknives edcknives


  • 4w ago bullman84 bullman84

    Love @hogueknives quality!

  • 4w ago fmag2 fmag2

    They’re knives are very attractive but could we get some m390/204p for the cost?🤷🏻‍♂️

  • 4w ago youre_joshin_me youre_joshin_me

    Why is there such a huge jump in price in OTFs? It seems like if you want something a little better than an AKC or more similar in design to a microtech you have to pay big bucks for it. Are there any similarly designed OTFs to any of the microtech utx models that you don’t have to spend that kind of money for without it being a knockoff?

  • 4w ago hogueknives hogueknives

    @fmag2 we have new models of OTF currently in S30V and folders coming soon. CPM154 with proper heat treat and Cryogenic process does hold an edge remarkably well which is the blade steel on this X5 model

  • 4w ago hogueknives hogueknives

    @youre_joshin_me we have our Exploit OTF with S30V Blade steel starting at $329.95 Retail and check out our @hk.knives Hadron starting at $289.95. @bladehq usually has in stock and great deals on all 3 of our knife lines including @sig.knives variations of this X5. #madeinusa #lifetimewarranty #lifetimesharpening #familyowned #2a 🇺🇸

  • 4w ago rj8520 rj8520

    What about a left handed model?

  • 4w ago fmag2 fmag2

    @hogueknives s30v is a good steel but it’s hard to compete when microtech is putting in m390 and 204p in their otfs. I just don’t see the value in cpm-154. Its nice to see a big company reading people’s comments though. Can’t please everyone but it’s a good start.

  • 4w ago fmag2 fmag2

    @hogueknives and being that y’all are “gun people” thank God y’all are leagues beyond S&W in the knife game 😂

  • 4w ago williey_b williey_b

    What model is this

  • 4w ago hogueknives hogueknives

    @fmag2 we manufacture all our knives from raw #usa materials in house and @hogueinc has been producing firearm accessories for over 50 years! Thank you for the compliments 🇺🇸🙏🏼

  • 4w ago hogueknives hogueknives

    @fmag2 we’re reading and listening...

  • 4w ago hogueknives hogueknives

    @willystyle92 this is our X5 manual with patented button lock flipper mechanism

  • 4w ago hogueknives hogueknives

    @rj8520 this patented mechanism works extremely well left handed! Our @hk.knives knives line does have a fully ambidextrous Exemplar model using our ABLE Lock system. More to come from @hogueknives @sig.knives and @hk.knives 🇺🇸

  • 4w ago mumtaz.bayraktar mumtaz.bayraktar


  • 4w ago nathanbohy nathanbohy

    Gotta give it to @hogueknives for actually responding in the comments section, don’t have a hogue yet but just might have to pick one up

  • 4w ago hai_tareta hai_tareta

    Looks very heavy.

  • 4w ago window_warrior_ window_warrior_

    Best knives no one has every heard about. I ❤️ my ex-02!!!

  • 3w ago hogueknives hogueknives

    @hai_tareta surprisingly light looks can be deceiving. Please check them out at your local dealer and all specs are in our catalog that can be downloaded from our website

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