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A deep, unwavering inner-knowing
A wild, primal, native wisdom flowing freely and abundantly through you
Being able to sense the *click* of alignment, or lack thereof, in a moment’s notice
Listening to your own body wisdom
As it is always present and alive, whether you are awake to it or not
Indecision, uncertainty, self-compromising
These things just are not inherent
To this depth of sensing your own alignment
An embodied woman has to make the conscious choice to disregard or dishonor her truth and her worth
The women who gift themselves the immersive experience inside the Amba Movement Teacher’s Training come to know this reality very quickly
Because it’s a training of un-training, and of returning to You.
Gaining an acute ability to sense your whole self
And align to the frequency of your highest essence
Visit the link in my bio to learn more about the Summer Immersion Amba Teacher Training.
Questions about whether this is the right path for you? I make time to connect with each woman who is considering applying to explore if this is an aligned training for you and ensure your guaranteed success. I'd love to connect with you! ✨


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