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Have you done this before? Start one homeschool lesson only to be inspired (distracted) by something else and before you know it you’ve gone down the rabbit hole and come out the other end having a gourmet lunch? Let me tell you a story. This morning I read to my girl from our math book King Maximo and the Knights. While reading, I was inspired to write original stories using Islamic content for the introduction of each number rather than knights and kings. I got up to get a pencil to jot down a couple notes on the book as I read to my daughter, as I got up to get a pencil, I realized it needed to be sharpened, so I sharpened the pencil. While sharpening the pencil, our homegrown mushrooms caught my eye, and I noticed they were ready to be picked. So I asked my daughter to pick the mushrooms. Picking the mushrooms reminded me that I wanted to make spore prints. But first I had to learn how, so I searched online and while I did so, the kids scattered to play. Once I learned how to make spore prints, I gathered my supplies. Included in those supplies was watercolor paper. Getting the watercolor paper inspired me to get out our watercolors and paint mushrooms. Once we were done setting our spore prints and watercoloring, we were left with mushrooms that needed to be stored in the refrigerator. Taking them to the fridge made me hungry for lunch, so I decided to take all the mushrooms and cook them. Of course you can’t eat sautéed mushrooms by themselves, so I made steak to go along with it. While getting the steak out, I spied some asparagus and thought I should cook those too. And fried onions. And roasted potatoes and butternut squash. The only thing missing was a salad, which I threw together quickly. And that’s how reading a math book turned into lunch. #homeschooling


  • 4w ago underthestars2 underthestars2

    You’re amazing!!!

  • 4w ago the_inspired_muslim_mama the_inspired_muslim_mama

    Aaaaall the time 😂😂

  • 4w ago tcandy6 tcandy6

    Haha🤣 sounds like your very own version of: "If you give a mouse a cookie." 🤣

  • 4w ago ohmydinar ohmydinar

    Haahahaahha we cannot contain our creativity. It was a good delicious ending too😍

  • 4w ago lulus_little_life lulus_little_life

    @tcandy6 that is exactly what I thought!!

  • 4w ago lulus_little_life lulus_little_life

    I love it! Sounds like a beautiful day!

  • 4w ago megtotes megtotes

    “If you give a homeschool mom an idea” by Hana 🤣

  • 4w ago ayaholistichealth ayaholistichealth

    🤣🤣🤣Every day! 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • 4w ago mommymolly80 mommymolly80

    To me this is the ultimate goal of homeschooling!! Being flexible with your day to let an inspiration lead to great learning. ❤️❤️❤️

  • 4w ago a_mother_of_twins a_mother_of_twins

    😂😂😂Hilarious.., you are talking about me.
    I am easily distracted, my husband started to think that I am an ADHD person 😂😂😂. My are eyes always in motion and when I catch something interesting, a flood of ideas start to distract me from my first thought 😅😅😅.
    I don’t know how I will manage our homeschool when the girls get older InSha’Allah🤪🤪🤪

  • 4w ago appletreehomeschoolacademy appletreehomeschoolacademy

    😂🤣 Now, you are talking my language!😁😆😃😄 And, your watercolor of the mushroom is gorgeous!

  • 4w ago indigowraps indigowraps

    I love this story! We made many spore prints in the fall and loved it!

  • 4w ago mimiasim89 mimiasim89

    That’s basically my DayInLife ( everyday ) since after having kids MaShaAllah 🙄😅😂

  • 4w ago jahanara_16 jahanara_16

    Wow ur amazing sis! How do u stay so motivated daily? Alhamdulillah

  • 4w ago joyfilledjourney joyfilledjourney


  • 4w ago kandi1731 kandi1731

    @pepperandpine Masha-Allah and WOW!!! #KeepInspiring lovely lady 😊

  • 4w ago a_time_to_keep a_time_to_keep

    Now that is winning!!🙌🏻

  • 4w ago urbanmala urbanmala

    Lol happens ALL the time over here! Glad to here I’m not the only one easily distracted.....I mean.....easily inspired!✨

  • 4w ago empowered_wellness1 empowered_wellness1

    Love it! Exactly what I need to do more often; just let things flow x

  • 4w ago esmeralda_jennings esmeralda_jennings

    😄 How awesome! I only need your energy!

  • 4w ago literallylelaina literallylelaina

    And the next thing you know it’s 8pm! 😂

  • 4w ago e.najmah e.najmah

    Still learning AND with a belly full of goodies. It's a win in my book Habeebti :)

  • 4w ago sharon_cam sharon_cam

    This reminds me of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie story sequence! The show theme song has a line, "one thing will to another and you never know what's next!"

  • 4w ago organic.mama organic.mama


  • 4w ago inspiring_everyday_mum inspiring_everyday_mum

    Not sure if you know this, but if you cut it rather than twist it and leave the roots in it will grow new one next year...

  • 4w ago pepperandpine pepperandpine

    @inspiring_everyday_mum really! I didn’t know that. The instructions said to remove it so it wouldn’t rot.

  • 4w ago inspiring_everyday_mum inspiring_everyday_mum

    @pepperandpine well that is what I got told when I was picking wild mushrooms in a forest as a kid... that if we want to come back to the same place next year we have to leave roots in... apparently my grandparents had picked from the same place in a forest for years...

  • 4w ago nellytorba nellytorba

    Love it, haha. The beauty of homeschool. 💕

  • 4w ago elemenoplay elemenoplay

    If You Give a Child a Math Lesson... 😂🙌🏼🍄 Looks yummy, and beautiful paintings!

  • 4w ago theparentingpassageway theparentingpassageway

    Haha I call this sanguine challenges (me raising my hand)

  • 4w ago homemadehome7 homemadehome7

    Reminds me of that children’s book, “If you give a moose a muffin...” 😄

  • 4w ago burkardia burkardia

    If you give a mouse a cookie. 🤣 Oh goodness we are so the same way, tumbling down all the rabbit holes.

  • 4w ago stephaniepappasphotography stephaniepappasphotography

    Where did you get that watercolor kit? It's beautiful! Great post!! So much love!

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