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Can we talk about F E A R for a second?! 😅🤭⁣

I get it. ⁣

It can be intimidating. ⁣

Starting out, or re-starting something fear is often something that we can feel a lot. ⁣

In fact, fear is what held me back for so many years…⁣

But not fear in the way that you may be thinking. ⁣

It was F E A R ⁣

False ⁣
Evidence ⁣
Appearing ⁣
Real ⁣

Actually just false expectations that I thought were real. ⁣

Have you ever struggled or do you struggle with that?! ⁣

It was F E A R that held me back from trying new things… ⁣
It was F E A R that held me back from thinking that I was actually worth to prioritize myself…⁣
It was FEAR that held be back from listening to my gut feeling begging me to make CHANGES in my lifestyle…⁣

But want to know something crazy?! ⁣

The moment I decided to confront my F E A R and actually decided to let work for me instead of against me, so many good things happened: ⁣

It forced me to try NEW THINGS despite the immediate discomfort (our bodies & brains hate trying new stuff) which actually opened my eyes to all the opportunities that I was missing previously because I was too scared to put myself out there…⁣

It forced me to learn how to PRIORITIZE myself instead of self-loathing which made me realize how much better I was able to serve those who I love, when I felt good myself…⁣

And as a result the changes in my lifestyle allowed me to feel freer than I thought was possible previously. ⁣

As you start to take steps outside your comfort zone, you are going to feel fear rising inside you, but instead of letting your emotions overrule and stop you from taking action, confront them and identify them as FALSE expectations that appear real…but DECIDE and COMMIT anyways. ⁣

I promise, when you learn to step THROUGH fear instead of avoiding it, you will be UNSTOPPABLE. ⁣

Remember this: Whether you think you CAN or you think you CAN’T…you’re right. ⁣

Who’s ready to step through F E A R today?! Comment ME below! 🤟🏼♥️⁣



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