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Happy birthday to @theamericanlegion! 100 years ago, on the heels of the one of the deadliest conflicts in history, a group of American veterans came together to solidify that for which they so bravely fought: instilling the duty and obligation of every citizen to ensure the principles of justice, freedom and democracy remain constant. Their efforts laid the groundwork for what the American Legion is today, and their dedication to building a stronger nation, through non-partisanship and cooperation, is a lasting example of what we can accomplish together.


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    Thank you

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    How about just running a marathon

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    please check direct🔥

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    American Legion is an .org to honor. Running as a third party candidate is a fool’s errand which can only help re-elect Trump.
    #boycottstarbucks #boycottstarbucksnow #nohowardschultz #nohowardschultzfor2020 #nohowardschultz2020

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    What do Howard Schultz and I have in common? We both have a 0% chance of being president

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    Fuck you

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    @noah3_7 he just wants to decrease the chances of democrats. Fuck Schultz

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    Please pack up your ego and insipid platitudes (you “don’t see color”? Dude, it’s 2019—that ignorant, patronizing crap doesn’t fly anymore) and take a page from Michael Bloomberg’s playbook: sit out the election and donate generously to help defeat Trump. As it stands now, you’re a grave threat to the well-being and prosperity of millions of American and should be reviled and marginalized as such.

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    @howard.schultz sent y’all a pm.

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    Go away closet trump supporter

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    @howard.schultz we’re big fans in Canada waiting to hear that you’re running for president of USA!!!! When can we expect to hear???

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    @winbmar 😢 ouch

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    @schultz_report ❤️❤️

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    @mari.loewen Look, I like and appreciate Howard. I’m from Seattle, and he’s been good to the city. His son is my age and is friends with some of my friends. He’s one of the guys who made his billions the old-fashioned way: by innovating and offering something tangible that filled a consumer need and provided people some joy. I respect and admire his business career. But this is too serious to screw around with. Trump is a dire threat to American prosperity and security, and anything that endangers that—and all the data available squarely indicates that Howard’s campaign drastically tilts the election to Trump—has to be aggressively halted in its tracks. The appeal of the presidency is real and potent, but Howard needs to resist it for all our collective sakes.

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    Hey Dear Howard I know you don't care at all but could you please make me a small donation?

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    @winbmar I understand what you’re saying.

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    U poll at 1% just leave

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    First he filled the world’s ocean with plastics now he’s been adopted as a propaganda piece by Fox... what a self-deluded megalomaniac

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