Instagram post by @charlieengen Charlie Engen

Here’s an old jam to an @insta_chops loop (forget the name now). Insta has been super weird with my engagement lately, and then with the issue the other day I wanted a reset before I start posting all the new stuff I’ve been doing. Their (and obviously FB’s) algorithm is such a joke. I’ll have videos get 200k views with 25k likes and one a few posts later get 15k views with 3k likes, with both videos just being random jams nothing much different from one to the next. It’s not about the numbers to me I couldn’t care less about that, I’m just trying to share ideas with people that follow me. I’ll have people message me like “why aren’t you posting?” because the videos just straight up aren’t showing up in their feed. It is what it is, I just find it a little suspect that I’ve never spent a dollar to promote anything, maybe this is their way of trying to entice me...


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