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  • 6d ago monomro monomro

    Hundred likes your way 😉

  • 6d ago sals_memez sals_memez

    @monomro I'm waiting for them

  • 5d ago ruckus83 ruckus83

    Duuuuuuude. This happened to me. Broad daylight, while i was at a movie. Someone broke into my car, stole the cdplayer, a bag of combos, and went through my cd binder and took a few cds. They then took my box of kudos and tossed them all over the parking lot. Also took the change in my cupholder. Went inside and asked for a manager to see if there were any cameras. There wasnt, police were called. Theater manager gave me 6 free movie passes as if that csme close to the value of what was taken. Havent been back since. My car was parked right by the front door. Inside job.

  • 5d ago sals_memez sals_memez

    @ruckus83 I bet your feelings are still hurt until this day 😂. That's pretty crazy

  • 5d ago ruckus83 ruckus83

    @sals_memez every time i drive by chateau theater

  • 5d ago sals_memez sals_memez

    @ruckus83 that parking lot is always sketchy 🥴

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