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It’s Friday Morning & I’m going thru my phone trying to find something funny to post! But then I noticed ALL of these Pics of this AMAZING Woman in my Phone & Decided I want to share some of them with you Guys. I take Random pics/Videos of @tammihaddon just because I love to. We have been Riding this Marriage Roller coaster aka Boot Camp for almost 20years 😳💪🏽🙌🏽 when I look @ these pics & Smile hard because ppl don’t know EVERY LITTLE detail of our relationship but WE do & we’re Still HERE!!! Going Hard! She’s dope & MINE! I Honor her today for no reason just because I can! 😍😍 #TeamUS #weallwegot #Honoryours #SoNobodyelsewill #MarriageRocks #myBugatti
Pic #1 #2 #3 She was waiting on ME
Pic #4 She was Dancing for ME😍
Pic #5 She was talking abt ME 🙄😩😂
Pic #6 She was Mad @ ME (for real)
Pic #7 She was On a date with ME
Pic #8 #9 She was singing with ME
Pic #10 She was Mad @ ME bcuz I was indecisive abt what I wanted to do (in the 90’s) 🤦🏽‍♂️


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