Instagram post by @michael_wolfs_work Michael Wolf

#Repost @reinventingrid Thanks for visiting the show Ingrid!! · · · 📏Did you know the Venus of Willendorf is less than 4.5’’ (about 11 cm)? More netsuke than sculpture, it is a portable fertility icon from 25,000 BCE. It inspired two of Michael Wolf’s artworks currently exhibited @thebeeinthelion .
One is a true-to-size 3D printed 18k gold-plated brass sculpture emulating the tactile beauty of the original while Michael’s blue ink swirl drawing shows how big a place this Venus carved itself in #arthistory 📖
A pleasure to meet you, Bee Tham and @michael_wolfs_work 😘
#venusofwillendorf #venus #iamyourvenus #michaelwolf #womenshistorymonth #sculpture #netsuke #fertilitygoddess #inkdrawing


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