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Just having a chat with a Chef friend. I thought it was a good point from both. We really are doomed if we don't start doing things differently. It's not going to get better unless we all admit it's broken.


  • 9w ago kristophermclean kristophermclean

    I don’t know much about your industry but I’d say that most are broken and conversations like this should be happening more.

  • 9w ago cam_picyk cam_picyk

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  • 9w ago tavela tavela


  • 9w ago cam_picyk cam_picyk

    @tavela we were talking about getting've probably heard that one.

  • 9w ago thegrumpyowl thegrumpyowl

    Food industry is still fucked, I see.

  • 9w ago cam_picyk cam_picyk

    @thegrumpyowl yep.

  • 9w ago dw_detenbeck dw_detenbeck

    100% agree

  • 9w ago rkbones rkbones

    Most cooks are starting at $16 and with no experience. That is a big jump from what I started at. Lol. And yes that was a million years ago.

  • 9w ago chefeligh chefeligh

    She’s busted. Let’s fix er’

  • 9w ago deviantlygoodfood deviantlygoodfood


  • 9w ago cam_picyk cam_picyk

    @chefeligh all I've got is duct tape and some twine. Ha!

  • 9w ago chef.price.hicks chef.price.hicks

    My man, I’m so happy to hear you say that. I too am of the mind that this business is irredeemably polluted by ego, yes-men and a culture of competition (rather than cooperation).

  • 9w ago cam_picyk cam_picyk

    @rkbones could you live on $16 an hour in Toronto?

  • 9w ago ottavio.victoria ottavio.victoria

    People have to pay more for food....wages are naturally increasing, at least in victoria, because it’s the only way to get staff. It’s just the onslaught of people who think 3.75 for a handmade croissant is expensive

  • 9w ago cam_picyk cam_picyk

    @ottavio.victoria absolutely!!!! I paid $12 for a coffee and a donut in Seattle last summer. 20% service charge included which was pooled and provided health insurance.

  • 9w ago rkbones rkbones

    @cam_picyk it is pretty common to be in the struggle when you are first starting your career. The point I want to make is that cooks are making over $20 an hour, which was almost impossible even five years ago. Things are moving in the right direction.

  • 9w ago ottavio.victoria ottavio.victoria

    @cam_picyk great idea on providing health insurance. When I was in Big Sur on a motorcycle trip I stopped in to a bakery and they were charging 8.50$ a croissant! US!

  • 9w ago cam_picyk cam_picyk

    @chef.price.hicks yeah man...and the people that are getting wasted talking shit are usually the worst cooks. I'd rather garden or watch baseball.

  • 9w ago cam_picyk cam_picyk

    @rkbones I get it but struggle is different than poverty. And it's not like most cooks have 6 figures to look forward to. I would like being a Cook or a Baker to be a viable profession without needing capital to start a business or chasing the first job that pays you more to survive.

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