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America is longing to come together. That’s why I am here -- to fight for you, your family, the next generation -- for the heart of America.


  • 5w ago hossein.abre hossein.abre

    please check direct🔥

  • 5w ago kieran_joc kieran_joc

    Go on Schultzy!

  • 5w ago hoshdari_sh hoshdari_sh

    It will happen soon...

  • 5w ago dyalme23 dyalme23

    Same ole same ole stuff😂

  • 5w ago tudagrass tudagrass


  • 5w ago urstrulytarun526 urstrulytarun526


  • 5w ago urstrulytarun526 urstrulytarun526


  • 5w ago dloverby dloverby

    Go Howard!

  • 5w ago boycott_starbucks_now boycott_starbucks_now

    #boycottstarbucks until this egoist realizes he will only help Trump be re-elected and has no chance of winning as a third party candidate. #boycottstarbucksnow #nohowardschultz #nohowardschultzfor2020 #nohowardschultz2020

  • 5w ago gingerdixon gingerdixon

    This morning most especially we all need to look toward the middle, where there is compromise and cooperation. 🙏🕊

  • 5w ago amaenza amaenza

    @kimchio816 this makes me nuts the Democratic Party said trump could not win and he did he just might be able to pull it off I can’t get behind one democratic candidate we need an experienced leader to clean up trumps mess

  • 5w ago easyogini easyogini


  • 5w ago myloferragamo myloferragamo

    #Schultz2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • 5w ago paulinabebenek paulinabebenek

    You couldn’t even pay your Starbucks baristas a living wage when you were CEO , get out of here with your “I’m running for president “ bullshit.

  • 5w ago buyfriendships buyfriendships

    They say you can't win running third party. They say you can't win running a grasssroots bribe-free campaign. We are here to show the world otherwise!!!!!! Who cares if I bought off Howard we are here to win!

  • 5w ago buyfriendships buyfriendships

    @tonyajthompson we are gonna win this! The more dark money Howard takes the better chance he will win trust me i know what it takes Howard is a certified genius when he wins he will take my money and let me write legislation to turn this dumb endangered turtle reserve into a 4 star golf course. Hey it's just business baby Starbucks in every elementary school hey its in the legislation trust me there's gonna be a ton of centrism inside of the children's coffee.

  • 5w ago maxdolce maxdolce

    Would love for you to run, just don’t tread on the 2A

  • 5w ago mylahtj mylahtj

    But you don’t believe in Medicare for all. And you you talked about growing up poor. I’m very disappointed in you and I was proud to be a partner before you decided to run because now I’m seeing the truth. Go back to coffee please we don’t need another billionaire in office. 💔

  • 5w ago nati.safi nati.safi

    Yes!! Let's bridge together 💕 standing in the middle is a great place to be!

  • 5w ago kimchio816 kimchio816

    @amaenza another person with all private sector, no government/legislative experience is NOT going to help this mess. We need someone with experience like Biden or Kasich, moderate and familiar with working across the aisle

  • 5w ago amaenza amaenza

    @kimchio816 let’s just agree to disagree I believe a smart man with a proven track of leadership is what we need. I think Howard is that man and not one dem running would get my vote

  • 5w ago tonebro71 tonebro71

    Come together? Your a lifelong democrat who’s running as an independent. Your a divider. Step back...

  • 5w ago howard.schultz howard.schultz

    @gingerdixon I agree. Coming together is most important right now.

  • 5w ago reneshow1 reneshow1

    Hi, Really hope that you’re not a neocon, made me so sad when you supported Hillary (you always just bash Trump) and you NEVER speak up against her hawkish policies. I’d support you more if you did and am an independent; hope that you actually care and are not a wolf (globalist, regime change person killing over a million ppl and bringing back slavery in Libya) in sheep’s clothing. Thank you!

  • 5w ago zakromanoff zakromanoff


  • 5w ago floridalligator floridalligator

    Egotistical billionaire asshole

  • 5w ago love_magick4you love_magick4you

    @amaenza mess? Lowest unemployment, hello we have been doing great!

  • 5w ago reneshow1 reneshow1

    @reneshow1 @howard.schultz knew you wouldn’t respond

  • 5w ago realalek realalek

    Bro. I don’t know if you or Mark Zuckerberg are more lacking words and iq to properly lead and convey messages of value and leadership. It is like you are pure mindless matter. You are not fit for a president. Stick to your lane.

  • 5w ago realalek realalek

    Go and open a Serbian barbecue chain or something.

  • 4w ago therealbertandernie therealbertandernie

    Go back to making coffee

  • 4w ago farzad_fteh farzad_fteh

    Fuck you Rat

  • 4w ago fayebrooklyn fayebrooklyn

    @kidredcrane I think someone like Trump wants to hold on to every single cent bcuz he tries to make sure everyone else (ie his charities, the election committee) pays for everything (outside of what they should be qualified to pay for), whereas Howard Schultz wasn’t like Wal-Mart in being stingy w/health benefits, knowing that health is a foundation for success. I think his understanding of success is more healthy than other rich ppl.

  • 4w ago fayebrooklyn fayebrooklyn

    @fayebrooklyn I am looking for a Prez candidate who approaches looking at what makes people healthy as a whole. In order for a country to be healthy, we need the other side to willingly want to come together and make decisions and work together. To me, Howard seems more like that person instead of trying to strong arm one side against the other, capitalizing on the rift between us...

  • 4w ago brsmithflies brsmithflies


  • 4w ago biennaursula biennaursula

    @brendarain OMG Howard Schultz President of the USA one day!!!!! 🌹

  • 4w ago brendarain brendarain


  • 4w ago m.o.g.g.a m.o.g.g.a

    🇺🇸Let's Unify America 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 Make Our Government Great Again! 🇺🇸 #MOGGA 🇺🇸

  • 3w ago heididangelmaier heididangelmaier

    @howard_schultz to fix this we must return to science.. the root is in the models and the human mind

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