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I want today to ask you to answer the call and join me – to preserve and strengthen the Heart of America.


  • 5w ago superiorpew superiorpew

    Stillllll waiting for your statement about how you’re going to uphold the values of the constitution, as it’s written. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • 5w ago thomshort thomshort

    @superiorpew Precisely.

  • 5w ago pixelcitizen pixelcitizen

    Sounds like an announcement is coming...stop teasing us @howard.schultz 😀

  • 5w ago tonyajthompson tonyajthompson

    I'M IN!! #ReimagineUS

  • 5w ago i3utterfly_22 i3utterfly_22

    #schultz2020 #proudtobeapartner

  • 5w ago maryandersen6799 maryandersen6799

    How can I help?!?

  • 5w ago jamalm1979 jamalm1979

    Israel is a criminal entity

  • 5w ago kimchio816 kimchio816

    If you run as a moderate Dem, sure, count me in @howard.schultz

  • 5w ago kimchio816 kimchio816 got 7 comments, this is 8. Maybe reimagine your best way to contribute meaningfully AND avoid splitting the Dem vote, thereby handing a win to 4 more years of linsanity

  • 5w ago mocha4susie mocha4susie


  • 5w ago darth.vandelay darth.vandelay

    Trump supporters are not going to vote for you. #boycottstarbucks

  • 5w ago the_odell_studio the_odell_studio

    @kimchio816 The Democrats and Republicans have divided this country enough. Time to get rid of archaic parties.

  • 5w ago puppiesrlove puppiesrlove

    You can do better than this picture. Stop being contrived with your message. Let it all hang out, sir. Your belief system is exceptional. Stop telling people that. Be it. Let us witness what is in your heart. Sincerely, a grateful Starbucks partner you have significantly impacted in a positive way.

  • 5w ago kidredcrane kidredcrane

    Name One Policy... we’re tired of the Hallmark Cards Mr Starbucks

  • 5w ago hoshdari_sh hoshdari_sh

    Changes will be happened , but may destroy most of the values

  • 5w ago cpswen cpswen

    Our country needs you Mr. Schultz. Thank you...

  • 5w ago chilanganita chilanganita

    @kimchio816 AMEN

  • 5w ago jamesarisman jamesarisman

    Mush from the wimp.

  • 5w ago brooklinboy62 brooklinboy62

    So you are actually running for president on the independent ticket?

  • 5w ago christinesjustice christinesjustice


  • 5w ago donaldmooney donaldmooney

    What is reforming to you? Get rid of minimum wage, social security and Medicaid and Medicare. You’re just like trump only for the 1 percent.

  • 5w ago gidnach gidnach

    Knock both these polarized parties out of the future.

  • 5w ago milky__j milky__j

    @kimchio816 what’s so bad under Trump anyway, wage growth low unemployment prison reform new trade deals minority’s in the labor force as never before lower taxes.....

  • 5w ago jacquigibbons jacquigibbons

    I really appreciate your philosophy but want to hear more specifics about how you would make a place for "independent" voters, specifics about your positions on economic, social and foreign policies etc...I want to know that you are not just going to be a moderate democrat or left leaning republican. I want to know that you don't follow agenda set by a party. That you truly think independently!

  • 5w ago kimchio816 kimchio816

    @milky__j Impossible to defend the constant lies that come out of his mouth, the way he treats our allies, speaks about women and minorities. Also how do you defend a president who porked a pirn star and a Playboy bunny, then pays hush money to squash the story on the eve of the election to keep the American public from knowing something that may have affected the outcome?? Not to mention a so-called President who defends Russia, a hostile foreign power, over our own I intelligence agencies when its PROVEN that Russia interfered in that election?? Are you nuts?? If Obama had done one 100th if this we would NEVER hear the end of it!!😳

  • 5w ago biennaursula biennaursula

    Been following you for years. Took your masterclass. I'm not even living in America but I hope you will be president!!!

  • 5w ago starbucksnut starbucksnut

    Waiting to hear the real platform !!

  • 5w ago rbrazill11 rbrazill11

    Howard I’d like to ask you to pledge a free BA education and health insurance for every American. If you can’t pledge please do not RUN!

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