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Another one from Greg Gorman because our post featuring his image of Keanu Reeves toweling off after a little surfing was deleted for violating IGs terms on “pornography.” Evidently a little Keanu-bush/side-butt is too riské for the Instagram community *smdh* #faheykleingallery #greggorman #johnnydepp @faheykleingallery @greggormanphoto


  • 5w ago zandoyle zandoyle

    and we wonder why there’s so much shame attached to our body image. society glamourizes female hollywood sexism but don’t show any part of a male’s body 🙄

  • 5w ago guidokarpla guidokarpla

    Isn't that Johnny Depp?

  • 5w ago brucekinnairdscott brucekinnairdscott

    Eh? If that was a porn image, what the fuck have I been looking at all these years? 🤔

  • 5w ago faheykleingallery faheykleingallery

    @guidokarpla yes I was referring to an image we posted a few days ago.

  • 5w ago espace_tessalonia espace_tessalonia

    Love this

  • 5w ago russelljames russelljames

    It’s very funny they took it down. Must be fine print under their hair guidelines

  • 5w ago bianca_d_smith_benedict bianca_d_smith_benedict

    It was a beautiful real picture. Smdh

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