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@matttwallis#Yellow #MK7Golf #14tfsi laid down 156 HP and 198 FTLBS with the #APR Stage 1 ECU Upgrade at #goapr


  • 6w ago ungluck ungluck

    @minorc_84 stock Mkv r32 makes about the sane power at the front wheels, weighs more, gets way less mpg's and is ugly as hell. So probably faster than a chipped mk5 R lol

  • 6w ago sjt_mkv sjt_mkv

    @ungluck like i just said I’m not that dumb i wouldn’t tune a r32, and i i might make like 220 to the wheel with power loss but not 150😂

  • 6w ago sjt_mkv sjt_mkv

    @ungluck and at the front wheel? Clearly u dont know much about vws if u think my r32 is fwd😂

  • 6w ago windycity_r windycity_r

    So it’s not really an R...?

  • 6w ago ungluck ungluck

    @sjt_mkv rather have a 1.4t than an ugly ass, lead sled, you'd be lucky to make 220whp, 3500lb mkv r32. So yeah, why even tune it. You're now not faster than the 1.4t lol but you're cool guy, i'm superior internet points make up for that right?

  • 6w ago aprllc aprllc

    @ungluck now that would be awesome to see!

  • 6w ago sjt_mkv sjt_mkv

    @ungluck thats fine, u can think its faster i dont really care its my daily thats why i also have a s2000

  • 6w ago ungluck ungluck

    @sjt_mkv clearly you haven't dyno'd a bunch of vw R32's and realize it's pretty much fwd. Gen2 haldex. Pull ebrake, disable hsldex, dyno fwd. Cool s2000, I can start listng my cars too lol. I know quite a bit about vw's. Regardless, my point is, don't be a disrespectful douchebag.

  • 6w ago ungluck ungluck

    @aprllc lots of them in junkyards, really thinking about it. With stg2 file..tbe... 🤔

  • 6w ago jefferson.takebe jefferson.takebe

    I like it this color and wheels!!

  • 6w ago sjt_mkv sjt_mkv

    @ungluck so you think im a douche for voicing my opinion that you dont agree with but your allowed to call my car a pos and think ur not a douche😂 typical hypocrite. Ever heard the saying 2 wrongs don’t make a right? No i didnt think so. So before you go around calling people douches right after you do the same thing that ur currently mad about just take that second and think about how dumb you’re gonna look. Sorry you don’t like my opinion but you trying to be big and bad and scolding me for something you also just did doesn’t make u look good, have a good one bud.

  • 6w ago brian__kim brian__kim

    Great photo 🙌🙌

  • 6w ago ahstines ahstines

    Well that escalated quickly. Lol.

  • 6w ago mk7_trizzy mk7_trizzy

    Why they strap it down like its going anywhere 🤣 (just jk’ing).. Car looks 🔥🔥

  • 6w ago eurosechs_ eurosechs_

    @aprllc are you planning on releasing anything for the mk7 Jetta 1.4t in the US market?

  • 6w ago ingolstadt_g ingolstadt_g

    @sjt_mkv @ungluck damn that shit escalated quick 💀😂

  • 6w ago ingolstadt_g ingolstadt_g

    @ingolstadt_g just to be CLEAR, I shouldn’t tune an MK5 R32? 🤔🤔

  • 6w ago ungluck ungluck

    @sjt_mkv that's the point, and you're really driving it home right now. 🤙🏼

  • 6w ago mike.murphy.50159 mike.murphy.50159

    @sjt_mkv hey mayne, that yellow car is too slow

  • 6w ago wibowoyoga wibowoyoga

    @aprllc what's the KW and NM ?

  • 6w ago matttwallis matttwallis

    @sjt_mkv i got this car because ive just came off a ban so i cant get insured on a R and this was closest to it just look at it😍

  • 6w ago mike.murphy.50159 mike.murphy.50159

    @matttwallis it does look good however

  • 6w ago digwale_11 digwale_11

    @windycity_r 156HP gives it away

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  • 6w ago yngloop yngloop


  • 6w ago sdots_8v sdots_8v

    That’s it??

  • 5w ago john_fedele260 john_fedele260

    As cool as this is, why tune and upgrade a normal golf? Those wheels has to be at least $1000 tires at least $800 paint job $2000-5000 tune $700. For this money you could get a GTI ... Just saying. Did a great job with the car though!

  • 5w ago windycity_r windycity_r

    @digwale_11 I know. Mine made 352 :)

  • 5w ago youngrios_ youngrios_

    Wow why does his front bumper look like an R

  • 5w ago thecotto thecotto

    Just to clarify, you guys added 156hp or it just has 156hp now?

  • 5w ago jasonkennedyo jasonkennedyo

    What yellow is that? Love it! Reminds me of the Ginster Mk3 color way.

  • 5w ago markuspod markuspod

    @sjt_mkv lol, my mk5 stock made the r32 look wack af. Dude had to throw on a 6262 precision turbo to make it fast lol. One expensive build

  • 5w ago markuspod markuspod

    @sjt_mkv lol, my mk5 stock made the r32 look wack af. Dude had to throw on a 6262 precision turbo to make it fast lol. One expensive build

  • 5w ago stormtrooper7r stormtrooper7r

    @youngrios_ he wants his car yo look like an r, even added the badge 🙈

  • 5w ago eurosnchurros eurosnchurros

    When will there be a pops and bangs tune for the MQB 1.8 😭 I need it in my life

  • 5w ago santiagotoledo_ santiagotoledo_

    Is manual transmission or DSG?

  • 5w ago lucas_segoviaa lucas_segoviaa


  • 5w ago jonathandmello_ jonathandmello_


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