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Tonight, tomorrow & Saturday @ontarioimprov Comment if ur gonna be there!#DeportedWorldTour


  • 5w ago s.k.y.e.r s.k.y.e.r

    When will u post back on yoir youtube channel? Waiting for ages.. :(

  • 5w ago micquestions micquestions

    thats fly

  • 5w ago erniejbarber_sfv erniejbarber_sfv

    Come to the shop bro 💈

  • 5w ago dudemanbr0 dudemanbr0

    Deported. For being in possession of a plastic straw. C’mon Rasool!

  • 5w ago xxgo_ahead_fredxx xxgo_ahead_fredxx

    Hell yea! See you Saturday night!

  • 5w ago chaia_al chaia_al


  • 5w ago purewalrandy purewalrandy

    When are you coming to Vancouver?

  • 5w ago shatha320 shatha320

    @chaia_al wanna go!?

  • 5w ago chaia_al chaia_al

    @shatha320 yes

  • 5w ago reshiefresh reshiefresh

    Such a good show!

  • 5w ago noel_tarifi noel_tarifi

    Check dms

  • 5w ago noel_tarifi noel_tarifi

    Very important . Can you please check your dms - regarding Ontario tonight

  • 5w ago angieleal angieleal

    Ill be there tonight!!!! Can't wait!!!!

  • 5w ago elliottinspires elliottinspires

    @russellpeters I'll be at your Ontario Improv show tonight. Can't wait to hear your new material!

  • 5w ago reddd_213 reddd_213

    Here tonight my dude...kill it

  • 5w ago lil_bee21 lil_bee21

    @russellpeters can't wait! Love all your stand-ups. Big fan

  • 5w ago c.duk70 c.duk70

    Well be there tonight! Last show whoot whoot 💜💜💜

  • 5w ago c.duk70 c.duk70

    Just left Ontario! You were 🔥🔥🔥🔥tonight! Go Tammy lmao

  • 5w ago hundo_swayzee hundo_swayzee

    @russellpeters I knew I saw you @ Corky’s this morning!

  • 5w ago zoedaengineer zoedaengineer

    this is dope honestly! 🙌

  • 5w ago yusswan yusswan

    We was there for the first night and we love and enjoy it 🌸❤️❤️🌸

  • 5w ago clydemack clydemack

    Hey man. You will be at the Pittsburgh improv next weekend and I would love if I could get a little 5 obviously. I opened up for Nikki Carr before in Pittsburgh and just dropped a lil clip in your inbox (no homo) that I did this last weekend infront of about 200 recovering addicts. 🤣🔝🔝🔥🔥😤😤 thank you.

  • 5w ago djdefra djdefra


  • 5w ago clydemack clydemack

    You will be at the Pittsburgh improv next weekend. Wondering if there is anyway you would let me snap on a little 5. I sent you a 4 minute clip of a show this past weekend. Thank you.

  • 5w ago kylegrooms kylegrooms

    Yo thanks for your Generosity Bro!🙏🏾

  • 5w ago alffitness19 alffitness19


  • 5w ago russellpeters russellpeters

    @kylegrooms Man I’m just happy to still have u around Kyle!!!🤗🤗🤗

  • 5w ago taratats taratats


  • 5w ago halehavemercy halehavemercy

    Keep doing your thing 👌

  • 4w ago whatsupasia whatsupasia


  • 4w ago clydemack clydemack

    You will be at the Pittsburgh improv this weekend. You should let me hold a little 5 lol I can get people to come. I sent you a clip of my stand up in your DMs no homo

  • 4w ago clydemack clydemack

    Next weekend*

  • 4w ago theekillermemestar theekillermemestar

    Come to albeeerrrtaaaaaaa

  • 4w ago theekillermemestar theekillermemestar

    @russellpeters come to Edmonton Alberta

  • 4w ago theekillermemestar theekillermemestar

    @theekillermemestar u got a big crowd out here

  • 4w ago pawan_094 pawan_094

    @russellpeters u truly deserve a crown..

  • 4w ago pra___harsh pra___harsh

    shoutout to Peters! i have never seen anyone as amazing as you. and i am the biggggeeesstt fan of you and your jokes. i was never proud of being indian until i began watching your shows 😂

  • 4w ago asare_iran asare_iran

    اگر به فارسی زیر نویس ترجمه بزاری نصف ایران فالو میکنن

  • 4w ago clydemack clydemack

    Let me hold a little 5 next weekend in Pittsburgh

  • 4w ago jonathannyc365 jonathannyc365

    Such a great show! I loved every minute of it ❤️

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