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The center is not just a political label. The center is the heart of America.


  • 5w ago biscuit_god biscuit_god

    So, by enriching the rich, the rest of us who get less will build a better America how?

    You’re what’s wrong with America. Tell us more lies about your background.

  • 5w ago the_deepwebb the_deepwebb


  • 5w ago estebillionaire estebillionaire

    🏆🏆🏆 keep it up. Looking forward to hearing from you as promised. We talked backstage at the event in Moss theater Santa Monica. Great meeting you. You are a real down to earth human.@howard.schultz

  • 5w ago nora.jacobsen1 nora.jacobsen1

    Please don’t run

  • 5w ago ronniejoyschultz ronniejoyschultz

    This one, I love ❤️

  • 5w ago _skinnyblanco _skinnyblanco

    You’re impossibly narcissistic. Go away.

  • 5w ago _teresa_nelson _teresa_nelson


  • 5w ago tonyajthompson tonyajthompson

    AGREED! There IS a silent majority and millions of them sat out the 2016 election. That is how Obama was elected because independents and many republicans saw him as a centrist.

  • 5w ago koutsouros koutsouros

    @biscuit_god your opinion is missing the fact that whatever your gripe is, the only people to blame are your elected politicians. Don’t hate because someone is successful within the parameters provided by your shit government.

  • 5w ago biscuit_god biscuit_god

    @koutsouros yap yap yap

  • 5w ago koutsouros koutsouros

    @biscuit_god see how dumb that reply is? You assume I’m some sort of enemy, so you’re going to reply with some childish crap, YOURE WHATS WRONG WITH AMERICA lol all you smug thumb up your butt can’t have a conversation because you’re so righteous. Then you act like that which destroys your own argument. Good day!

  • 5w ago biscuit_god biscuit_god

    @koutsouros go lick plutocrat taint.

  • 5w ago koutsouros koutsouros

    @biscuit_god you’re so stuck on pride you don’t get what I told you lol you’re the one licking Plutocrat taint because you obviously do not understand how this world actually works. Schultz isn’t loaded because he is a meanie 😂 he is loaded because this government has provided for things like that to happen. You’re way in the dark and jealous and that’s ok because you’re also a troll and people like you usually have some sadness they are trying to work out and are jerks online as if there is any place for that... hope whatever makes you act like that works out...

  • 5w ago biscuit_god biscuit_god

    @koutsouros ah, taint lattes.

  • 5w ago koutsouros koutsouros

    @biscuit_god the best part about this and what we are laughing at you for is that I am more on your side than you are.

  • 5w ago koutsouros koutsouros

    @biscuit_god lol you need a better hobby. You’re not going to offend me

  • 5w ago koutsouros koutsouros

    That biscuit dude blocked me for what I said. Now you can see proof that yes, America is deeply divided and the work to bring people together is seriously going to be difficult.

  • 5w ago fulviaorlando fulviaorlando

    Please go away

  • 5w ago m.g_marcum m.g_marcum

    @biscuit_god I love it how you're so far radical in your views you consider someone with average moderate views America's problem

  • 5w ago biscuit_god biscuit_god

    @m.g_marcum ok. I guess white supremacy is long as it’s “color blind”

  • 5w ago m.g_marcum m.g_marcum

    @biscuit_god why are you bringing up white supremacy? Are you saying that cause I'm white or cause Howard Schultz is white or does somehow bringing race into anything justify it for you? Please explain what's supremacist about moderates.

  • 5w ago m.g_marcum m.g_marcum

    I'm a Trump supporter, very fiscally conservative and socially moderate. I've agreed the high majority of Trump's actions but I see there's many more people who don't than do. That much disagreement creates divide and polarization. Even though I don't agree with all the issues like a centrist does, I'm ready to be behind one to pull us together and end party polarization.

  • 5w ago kidredcrane kidredcrane

    Name one solution! If I was applying to be an exec at Starbucks and mouthed this bs u would never ever hire me.

  • 5w ago tonyajthompson tonyajthompson

    @tonyajthompson That is how Obama got elected in 2008

  • 5w ago faithyy11 faithyy11


  • 5w ago fayebrooklyn fayebrooklyn

    @tonyajthompson I totally see #Obama more as a conservative than #Trump. Obama didn’t get too crazy & erratic w/his actions as Prez, but Trump, whoa, those tariffs were so sudden and thrown at enemies AND friends everywhere (super EXTREME, and totally NOT conservative, at all, but here the GOP is the one using the “conservative” label. Trump is totally nowhere close to “conservative”...

  • 5w ago tonyajthompson tonyajthompson

    @fayebrooklyn i agree Trump is no conservative!

  • 5w ago bell_markc bell_markc

    AOC says you're "meh"

  • 5w ago hoshdari_sh hoshdari_sh


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  • 5w ago miles102 miles102

    @howard.schultz very true

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