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#tfw you’re the smallest mammal in the room ❤️
@bougiebuoy @jojorider #newfie #bougiebuoy


  • 2w ago elenaweber1978 elenaweber1978

    I love the fact that you own a Newfie. We have a 7 year old Newfie- Bear. Greetings from Illinois!

  • 2w ago elisec_24 elisec_24

    I love your dog I'm just gonna snatch it and be on my way to the tv to watch more supernatural 😀

  • 2w ago gruet2hounds gruet2hounds

    What a beautiful day BIG. What’s his name. It a new Foundlan?

  • 2w ago shamanovaidar shamanovaidar

    Mary Winchester?

  • 2w ago katjohnson764 katjohnson764

    I love that puppy!!! And you, too, btw. 😄

  • 2w ago

    I also have a newfie!!! I get really excited when people I like have newfies!!!

  • 2w ago rosemariebabcock6672 rosemariebabcock6672

    Omg love your dog. I’ve always wanted a Newfie. ❤️❤️❤️

  • 2w ago murboo18 murboo18

    I adore him and you Sam!!!!!

  • 2w ago wayward_winchesterz wayward_winchesterz

    @samsmithgrams your my favorite person...I love Mary she’s awesome ☺️❤️😎

  • 2w ago sphericalhorse sphericalhorse

    So much dog. 😍😍😍

  • 2w ago alvinlynn0918 alvinlynn0918

    That's a big dog

  • 2w ago wwolf1160 wwolf1160

    Beautiful Newfie, aside from being gorgeous and very talented you have excellent taste in dogs.

  • 2w ago justinb2184 justinb2184

    @samsmithgrams I have a newfie too flat coated retriever mixed.. His name is Max aka Bubba 😊❤️

  • 2w ago skullcollektor skullcollektor

    Beautiful. The dog ain't bad either! 😂😂

  • 2w ago blsedbx3 blsedbx3

    Why do you have our dog? We have a newfie/chow mix black and large ...we call him Teddy Bear ...I love these gentle giants.

  • 2w ago mrswitmer14 mrswitmer14

    @samsmithgrams I truly hope that they didn’t just kill Mary! I have read a bunch of theories and I’m so torn on what way this is going to go! I have loved having you in the #spnfamily

  • 2w ago myboys_supernatural myboys_supernatural

    He is a beautiful big baby 🐶

  • 2w ago myboys_supernatural myboys_supernatural

    In love for him!

  • 2w ago bludaizee bludaizee

    My 1 1/2 yr old St Bernard, Willow weighed in at 135lbs the other day at her vet checkup. Lol Big dogs have even bigger hearts! 💙

  • 2w ago elwood.shane elwood.shane

    I love newfies!

  • 2w ago 13_sanjar_07 13_sanjar_07

    Are you dead? Did Jack kill you? If yes, then thank Chuck I didn't like your last character at all..

  • 2w ago rosemarysbaby666 rosemarysbaby666

    Newfies are wonderful...quite large but husband used to wrestle one that lived in his neighborhood as a teenager. After we were engaged, we returned to his childhood home and Toby (the Newfie)remembered and ran to us at full gallop....I had never seen a Newfie before....was a bit nervous about this small bear running toward husband explained who he was and we all became fast friends. How old is your Newfie?

  • 2w ago theresaxlynn theresaxlynn

    Look @doctor.mike a Newfie friend for Bear!😂🥰💙

  • 2w ago 3hamster.s 3hamster.s

    Cuties!! 💛💛

  • 2w ago milaramires91 milaramires91


  • 2w ago chloe48309 chloe48309


  • 2w ago fullmoonsadie fullmoonsadie

    My daughter has a Newfie sweetest dog alive

  • 2w ago sheri.martin.142687 sheri.martin.142687

    Beautiful puppy 🐶

  • 2w ago kara_kirk42 kara_kirk42

    Awwww he’s beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  • 2w ago eddie.etheridge eddie.etheridge

    A Newfoundland?!

  • 2w ago 3labs4everr 3labs4everr

    Wish ya were coming back to nj this year. Check your messages I sent ya

  • 1w ago moonstonemama moonstonemama

    @samsmithgrams Every. Single. Day. 😊

  • 1w ago rowena5514 rowena5514

    Queen 👑😘

  • 1w ago ii_tinni_ii ii_tinni_ii

    That's crowley's hellhound!! 🐺🐺😂😂

  • 1w ago hockeymom1409 hockeymom1409

    Nothing better than Newfie snuggles!! 💛

  • 1w ago amy_bowns amy_bowns

    I live In Deer Lake Newfoundland and those dogs are beautiful

  • 1w ago nay_nay_ nay_nay_

    😍😍 we had Newfoundland’s growing up. Just amazing dogs! Such a soft spot for them

  • 1w ago ang_bedange ang_bedange

    I love newfies x ❤ ✌

  • 1w ago shortcake6877 shortcake6877

    Omg so cute!!!😍

  • 1w ago stanleykathryn stanleykathryn

    Omg so so love your baby 💓

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