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It was a heavy day, visiting the United States Memorial Museum and National Museum of African American History and Culture.

I got nothing witty or amusing to say. It was a sucker punch and 3 days on, I’m still feeling it.

Image 1 is the pretty before the horror. Washington is awash with blooming cherry trees.
Image 2 is in the Holocaust Museum where you walk through a soaring 2 story gallery seeing portraits oJewish community of the Lithuanian town of Eisiskes captured by Yitzhak Uri Katz, Alte Katz, Ben-Zion Szrejder and Rephael Lejbowicz, took most of the photographs in the exhibit. Then you learn no one in these loving family portraits survived the Holocaust.

Image 3 is of the thousands of shoes discarded by the Jewish prisoners before entering the gas chambers and being murdered by the German regime.

Image 4 is the entry panel to the intense, heart shattering story of the African American through slavery, segregation and the current themes of healing, restitution and recognition at African American History and Culture.

Image 5 shows the gallery celebrating black culture and how it’s been appropriated by whites.

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