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Tonight on #Supernatural:
There Will Be Snacks.
And as always, some running around, some danger, some surprises.
But first and foremost—
So. Many. Snacks.
ps: Hey @alex8calvert, bravo on that #JiffyPop!
#WeLoveSnacks #IsntSnacksTheBestWord? #GameNight #LoveMyJob


  • 2w ago notsparklydude notsparklydude

    Didn't they finish season 14?

  • 2w ago jme713 jme713

    @real_maddie_b I can totally see Mary nonchalantly schooling all the boys in Monopoly or something 🤣

  • 2w ago victoria_7252 victoria_7252

    Yay I’m so excited! 💜

  • 2w ago skyyador828 skyyador828

    @real_maddie_b Dean can’t even win Rock Paper Scissors can you imagine him playing an actual game? 🤣

  • 2w ago samsmithgrams samsmithgrams

    @katebibbs13 Me too! 🔥

  • 2w ago mizniki83 mizniki83

    Screw everything. Im just here for the food!

  • 2w ago heavensent_soldier heavensent_soldier

    I'm so glad Mary is getting to 'mom' Jack! Sam and Dean were grown before Mary came back, but Jack is like her second chance to see her boy grow up ❤❤

  • 2w ago cl_hoffman cl_hoffman

    @samsmithgrams We like snacks! Our kids like snacks! Our dog likes snacks! I just bought groceries! I have snacks! Come for snacks! 😆 (*whispers* snacks)

  • 2w ago artbystargatefan artbystargatefan

    AAAhhh I forgot it was Thursday!! Can't wait!! What a nice surprise haha!

  • 2w ago deansnightmare deansnightmare


  • 2w ago real_maddie_b real_maddie_b

    @jme713 YES! Oh my gosh can we get this please. 😂

  • 2w ago alaris88 alaris88

    thank u for what u have brought to Supernatural! as a fan, I have admired seeing u on the show & happy Mary came back. I was in tears to see JDM come back for a previous episode. I loved seeing u all together! may God bless u in all u do, Samantha! ❤⚘❤🌹❤💐❤

  • 2w ago instab188 instab188

    2 of my absolute favourite babies 💕

  • 2w ago mykalagodden mykalagodden

    @samsmithgrams I need a mom hug😭

  • 2w ago cdsnfanfl80 cdsnfanfl80

    No fair, you already made me cry!!

  • 2w ago magik_hellstrom2319 magik_hellstrom2319


  • 2w ago lilfootsy lilfootsy

    I'm watching it I love it❤️

  • 2w ago tammylynn_1975 tammylynn_1975

    I'm so sad that the show will be over. But yet excited to see what all of you talented awesome people will do next!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • 2w ago larissa_silva_limaa larissa_silva_limaa

    I love Mary and you are a amazing actress!

  • 2w ago judy1987 judy1987

    Love mama Winchester you are amazing and she totally is protective and worried about jack hope she not gone ❤️

  • 2w ago leez.ha leez.ha

    I just finished the episode and I don't know why I watch a show that emotionally harms me so much😂😂😂

  • 2w ago leez.ha leez.ha

    @judy1987 Same as fuck I'm a mess rn because Mary doesn't deserve it, but also she WOULD be reunited with John.... M I X E D F E E L I N G S

  • 2w ago jessicaelainedavis jessicaelainedavis

    Omfg I'm sooooo upset and worried for people on supernatural.. If you don't want a spoiler don't read this cause these are my thoughts... Wth happened?? On the preview for next episode Dean said "You're dead to me" To Cas. I'm literally crying because he said that.. Like Castiel didn't mean what he did from what I saw in the next preview. Also from this episode it looks like Jack killed Mary and then after her lied Nick.. It looks like he brought him back. 😰 I'm so upset like Mary idc if she died.. I'm fine with it but are we really playing jack as a bad entity now? This is so up setting.. What did Castiel possibly do to make Dean that mad? How can he be that close to him and then all of a sudden hate him? This doesn't make any sense!! Wtf?? I'm so emotional rn and I can't believe this is gonna happen!!... You can't do this to us #destiel lovers!!

  • 2w ago catsaremysuperpower catsaremysuperpower

    Snax forever!💜

  • 2w ago namamarie namamarie

    @jessicaelainedavis Really? You say you don’t care if she dies on her post? Rude.

  • 2w ago namamarie namamarie


  • 2w ago jessicaelainedavis jessicaelainedavis

    @namamarie I love the actress.. But I don't like the character. There's a difference 😊

  • 2w ago jamo_actor jamo_actor

    So sad that @cw_supernatural is ending after next season never missed an episode 😢😢

  • 2w ago asmodeus_777_ asmodeus_777_


  • 2w ago imsara.b imsara.b


  • 2w ago baiseaubergine baiseaubergine


  • 2w ago stiles_tw6 stiles_tw6

    I swear if jack did anything to u I’m gonna kill him ... don’t kno how but he’s finished 🥺🥺😢😖😫 💙💙 #notritenow #westillneedyou

  • 2w ago lauriehenson1 lauriehenson1

    Im in SHOCK..I just cant process what happened..😱😱😱💖💖💖

  • 2w ago waywardbriana waywardbriana

    @samsmithgrams i love you and i love mary so much.. if she dies i’m gonna 😭 forever

  • 2w ago rosemarysbaby666 rosemarysbaby666

    Still cannot believe that on game night, Mouse Trap was was great...writers upped their game..and you all did great...

  • 2w ago arickaposey arickaposey

    Lmao I love you but I dislike Mary in that episode. My dude Jack said leave him alone and now Mary is severely hurt( I hope so) or dead🤷🏽‍♀️ idk and idc because Jack is my fav! And dean saying “your dead to me.” To Cas made me say WOOOOAAAH now I know it’s because of Mary and Jack. Tuff as shit I tell you!

  • 2w ago sthefanieofc_ sthefanieofc_


  • 2w ago musicallaf musicallaf

    You guys gave us so much and thankfully we have until next, but 😭😭😭 #somuchlove #spnfamily ❤️❤️❤️

  • 2w ago larissa.princess.06 larissa.princess.06

    @nebulotchaotic this is possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life 😂

  • 2w ago akarihpulseradiofinsta akarihpulseradiofinsta

    Is Jack going to turn evil now since he killed Nick?

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