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It's the big ol' one five for you today @koolaid.i.guess , Kaylah!! It was nice being older than you for 3 days LMAO HSKSKSK
Okay okay on a serious note, I'd like to explain how much you've truly impacted my life, Kaylah. From the first comment you posted on my page, to where we are now in our friendship. I've never met you irl but somehow I seem to have a better friendship with you than some of my irl friends, and that's pretty good if I do say so myself!! You've made me laugh countless times, you've comforted me when I needed it, you've given me the motivation to do so many good things, and overall, you're just,, a really, really fucking good friend that I hope will stay with me. You've somehow been able to enhance my life so much and make me so happy when I needed to be. Just seeing your art pop up on my feed makes me happy. And speaking of that, your art? Constantly beautiful and unique. YOU? Constantly beautiful and unique. I truly hope 15 treats you well, and I wish nothing but the best for you, friend. Happy 15th birthday 💕

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