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    @libnimiquilena ahí está tu toca

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    YES GOD 🍯❣️

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    @diazmpaola mi toca? O mi roca?? 😂😂😂 mia? Nojooooda 😭

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    @jennifercarrick1 congrats 😂😂😂

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    @faresg29 no offence when I heard kim got her ring stolen I didn’t feel bad because that money could help the less fortunate & these celebrities flaunt their wealth. HOWEVER I do feel bad that she got robbed & doesn’t make what happened to her right.

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    @vickyrincones yo no sabía que ya había llegado el anillo. Y que señor anillo!!!! Ve, me puse contenta Jajajaja

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    @diazboniventonatha Jajajajajaja ya era hora.

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    Felicidades a los dos, y a toda la familia! I wish you both much love and happiness in your upcoming marriage. Y'all are made for each other, you're the ying and yang and together you are an inspiration to all. 💖👌💘

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    Congrats. Ur sooo beautiful and found a man who truly truly luvs u for u u r and not how he wants u to b or how he wants u to look for him. A man like that r found now far and very few. I wish u both the best life can bring u. I will b honest im jealous cuz wer i live theres no man here like A-Rod. In my opinion their all jus boyz. Thats rite jus boyz. Ive stopped looking. So for me if its meant to b for me to hav that kinda happiness it will happen if not at least i know i dnt waste any of time time searching. So again congrats jlo. Ur a gREAT INSPIRATION TO ALL GIRLS. I LUV U. I follow u close.

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    Congratulations JLO!!!!!!!!❤️

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    Is it your 5th marriage 😢😢😢, mam?? The 4th marriage was only last for less than 4 years, Wished you were happy in your love life as family with Marc and 2 loving children. Amen @jlo @jlo @arod @arod @marcanthony @cjayfive @ojaninoa1 @caspersmart

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    My arm got tired just looking at this. Beautiful 👊❤️ @jlo

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    Y el anillo pa cuando?

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    Queen of Rocks 💍💍💍💍💍

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    @kamont86 lo veríamos en todas las redes sociales mínimo tres veces al día y fijo hasta le hace una sesión de fotos al anillo

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    The ring of a dream💙

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    @jlo God bless and protect you always. Congratulations mamita!!🎊🎊🍾🎈🎉🤭🤭😘😘🙏🙏💯💯

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    My Gifts LYEAHT were and are always better to you..They always shine...That's how you now it's Real. . hi gifts aren't the zame . the gems get sad boo..they now you wanna shine too

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    💕Congratulation! Perfect couple 💕 wish you all the best💕

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    ❤️👍❤️All the best!!!!!!

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