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Important opportunity for our @sevenbucksprod to partner with @BET to highlight critical injustices that have taken place across our country.
Pressing for deeper dialogue, truthful answers and real actions.
Our six part docuseries airs tomorrow night @8PM on @BET.
Join us.


  • 4d ago zackarywilliams6 zackarywilliams6

    @ebonywinn50 hey go back to your drug hide out with your thug pals retard

  • 4d ago zackarywilliams6 zackarywilliams6

    @ceeworld47 they aren’t nice try acting like the victim. Your community is filled with thugs aka peasants who are to retarded to stay in school. It’s your people’s fault that your black community is failing

  • 4d ago zackarywilliams6 zackarywilliams6

    @ceeworld47 go smoke weed with your thug pals peasant. And no I’m not saying blacks are peasants only the thugs are and you sound like one

  • 4d ago zackarywilliams6 zackarywilliams6


  • 4d ago ceeworld47 ceeworld47

    Who are you? And why are you randomly tagging me in your replies? @zackarywilliams6

  • 4d ago

    @iambigfrank93 Just because you have a license doesn't mean you have the balls, or the aim, to get the job done. I'd put that theory to the test in a heartbeat. Just the fact that you'd have to resort to a gun speaks volumes on how much of bitch you are. You'd urinate yourself from the pressure and fear alone.

  • 4d ago zackarywilliams6 zackarywilliams6

    @ceeworld47 I know the truth. It’s not the cops or the us whites fault it’s the thugs within the black community that are destroying it

  • 4d ago hottee4 hottee4

    Tears are proof that you have feelings..<3

  • 4d ago ceeworld47 ceeworld47

    @zackarywilliams6 dude where did you even come from 😂😂😂🤣🤣😆?

  • 4d ago raphaeluzor_m raphaeluzor_m

    😣😣no ain't happening

  • 4d ago zackarywilliams6 zackarywilliams6

    @ceeworld47 I am here to tell the truth.

  • 4d ago ceeworld47 ceeworld47

    @zackarywilliams6 no, you’re clearly here to get blocked, random idiot

  • 4d ago aram.amir1 aram.amir1


  • 4d ago cristidon cristidon

    😔black is beautiful,black is the most talented,the most skilled,the best singgers,dancers,actors,they all are beautiful...bcz this black mean,beautines,pace

  • 3d ago boutique211 boutique211


  • 3d ago brelli89 brelli89

    @jeets84 looks like the rock is falling into the media’s trap and becoming more and more left. Thought the rock was one of the good ones. 🤷‍♂️

  • 3d ago lewdii lewdii

    The cutest

  • 3d ago xhetisakiri xhetisakiri


  • 3d ago brelli89 brelli89

    @sdinktr you’re Ignorant

  • 3d ago brelli89 brelli89

    @thelancesays bravo dude. 👏 someone ACTUALLY UNDERSTANDS the background of being a police officer and what they face. I’m glad there are people like you out there or get it. Keep spreading that knowledge to people like @sameiere_official who clearly is blinded by the news and their agenda. They’ve brainwashed so many people into thinking that police wake up everyday and go “hmmm how many black people am I going to kill or abuse today?” When that’s not even close to being remotely true and to think that is ignorant, offensive and quite frankly dumb.

  • 3d ago brelli89 brelli89


  • 3d ago samiere_official samiere_official

    @brelli89 I don't give a fuck what police go through and what the face they signed up for that responsibility and if they can't handle the responsibility of having a gun without fuckin making excuses every time they get into a high stakes situation they don't need to fuckin be police just because you have the label of police doesn't change who you are on the inside I respect what the occupation is supposed to stand for but police are untrustworthy I don't need the news or any fuckin body to sway my opinion I'm fuckin black I've dealt with them my whole fuckin life some do their job the right way but plenty of them have abused their authority because they have no fear of retribution if they grab you for suspicion and you try to get away "resisting" if you want to defend yourself "assault on an officer" if you are in fear for your life you can't just kill a cop but they can use that excuse no matter how insignificant of a movement or hardly visible object they may claim that they see they have free reign to just do whatever the fuck they want and I just supposed to feel bad for whatever they go through after all these 30 years of witnessing story after story of this black person was killed for no reason or got locked up for something unnecessary I'm done feeling sorry for these fuckin government funded gang members

  • 3d ago thelancesays thelancesays

    @samiere_official you're just ignorant and people like you are what is wrong with our society.

  • 3d ago samiere_official samiere_official

    @thelancesays fuck your society this shit was built by white ideals anyway and it's only looking out fir their best interest so I could give 2 fucks about your precious society I don't need your respect your appreciation I don't need shit from you I know i stand on my own ten toes and I got my back so fuck what you think you don't change the progress I'll make through my life all you are is another obstacle in my way and this is easy work for me because of how moronic and stuck on pretending that what you're saying is all valid and nothing I brought up has any validity every point I made never acknowledged that any of it was accurate like I just like to talk out of my ass you and the people like you were raised like some delusional brainwashed clowns fuckin drones just all following the same forcefed bullshit that has been swept under the rug for centuries but the truth hurts and instead of taking responsibility all you guys can do is act like nothing is going on "cops are just pure angels" "they would never do anything bad" "they wouldn't lie" "they wouldn't hurt anybody" "they're spotless squeeky clean unblemished beings and their shit smells like fuckin roses and perfume" smh

  • 3d ago thelancesays thelancesays

    @samiere_official you are talking out of your ass. Almost nothing of what you say has validity because it is not enforced by actual facts. Your personal feelings don't make it true.

  • 3d ago samiere_official samiere_official

    @thelancesays no you're just ignoring every fact every point i made you disregarded it and made an alternative point I'm the only one who actually was objective and gave credit where it was due just because you say the word facts doesn't make the things you say facts those might be facts in your eyes that you learned researched etc but you aren't God so regardless how smart you think you are you don't know what you think you know you just think you know it but only God knows because he can really see everythings at all times any "Facts" that you claim are 100% pure unadulterated filtered flawless complete truth nothing but the truth so help me God all those details are disseminated by someone else's word so youee going off analytics and research done by who knows where that's like saying Fox news has a News network so they must be saying "Facts" when they back Trump and deny all the "Facts" every other network like MSNBC CBS ABC CNN ROLAND MARTIN and many others say so who's "Facts" are actually "Facts"🤷🏾‍♂️

  • 2d ago aniket_j96 aniket_j96


  • 2d ago mten85 mten85

    3.7 unemployment.. lowest minority unemployment EVER!! Criminal Justice Reform! Billions of $$$ to black historical colleges. Billions of $$$ Auto Portability programs that helps minorities countrywide!

  • 2d ago mvcaval mvcaval

    @therock you have no idea what law enforcement officers go through daily..I was a huge fan before this post..I dont see you standing up for all the police officers who are killed in the line of duty what seems to be almost a daily basis. You're just creating a bigger divide..someone in your position should be bringing everyone together..I'm sure BET paid you a lot of money for you to post this..its sad

  • 2d ago fitnessfightclub fitnessfightclub

    man hope everyone gets help in there struggles even if it is only one person there is something that should be done.

  • 1d ago thekoogler thekoogler

    Certain folks real mad right now. Oh well. Unfollow and cry in quiet you bitches. As much as you want to believe something isn't happening. It is. Keep your head in the sand and shut the FUCK up

  • 1d ago thekoogler thekoogler

    You white folks aren't nearly as chatty, talking about stats and father figures when white folks are out here killing people

  • 1d ago thekoogler thekoogler

    How dare the rock not be like the rest of you walnuts and pretend this shit doesn't exist

  • 1d ago ms_wd8275 ms_wd8275


  • 1d ago bellareyes6 bellareyes6

    This is sad 😞

  • 1d ago orhan9217 orhan9217


  • 18h ago trivedi2002 trivedi2002


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