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Entering politics, running in an election, being part of a team with liberal values has been the most empowering experience of my life. But Politics and governance for me are not about any one person - it definitely isn’t about me personally or individually. It is not about headlines or hashtags. It’s about people. Relationships. Public service. And I’m proud to stand with a liberal government and a strong leader like our prime minister who is caring passionate and driven. He cares about people. He’s passionate about the issues of Canadians and he’s driven to bring change. He’s succeeding and I’m proud to be part of the team and to serve Canadians together.
#ProudCanadian #WithMyPM


  • 6w ago balaji_balajikumar balaji_balajikumar

    Superb sir 👏

  • 6w ago nazish7856 nazish7856


  • 6w ago dannykrs dannykrs

    Proud of you, not our PM and Government.

  • 6w ago alshaikh_abdullatif alshaikh_abdullatif


  • 6w ago evhopper evhopper

    You.Are.Amazing 🤩🙏

  • 6w ago jabeen256 jabeen256

    Now i wanna hug U......please 😉🙏

  • 6w ago azmatphotography azmatphotography

    We are proud of you Iqra ! ♥️♥️

  • 6w ago emmanuel.dubourg emmanuel.dubourg

    So cute.

  • 6w ago imamahshahzaib imamahshahzaib

    Proud of you Iqra❤️❤️

  • 6w ago randycity randycity

    Great job!!

  • 6w ago suzannecowan suzannecowan

    We are so proud of you! Its been wonderful getting to know you better and watching you stand up for your community and all Canadians!

  • 6w ago ridah_a ridah_a

    This pic is so cute🤗

  • 6w ago clayton_bell clayton_bell


  • 6w ago chadharaamir chadharaamir


  • 6w ago sam_salemi sam_salemi

    That you can defend Justin during this time says all I need to know about you and the rest of the party that enables his behaviour.

  • 6w ago mr.houndsome mr.houndsome

    More paid-in-full "optics" from the PMO. "For the greater good"

  • 6w ago bichon_dad bichon_dad

    Ha ha

  • 6w ago akbarkq akbarkq


  • 6w ago ayesha8745 ayesha8745

    He is ♥️ and so is u

  • 6w ago bumnashaikh bumnashaikh

    thanks for sharing Iqra. we are so thankful and proud to have representation like you in politics.

  • 6w ago jaweedenvor jaweedenvor

    We are lucky to have such sincere and great leader. It is a amazing teamwork.

  • 6w ago jaweedenvor jaweedenvor

    You are lucky to have an opportunity to work under the guidance of such a great leadership.🇨🇦👍🥀👍🇨🇦🥀👍🇨🇦

  • 6w ago sarwar.shehzad sarwar.shehzad

    You are an amazing person🙏♥️

  • 6w ago princeof416 princeof416


  • 6w ago mat_lacroix mat_lacroix

    Wow ! Such a great message ! You are both great influences to the rest of Canada !! Keep it up!

  • 6w ago basilanasser basilanasser

    Humanity will prevail and win.

  • 6w ago huma.ash huma.ash

    You have taught young girls like me, to be not ashamed of your roots l, not be afraid of being a visible minority and not be afraid of taking risks! Thank you for being amazing fighter!!

  • 6w ago james_greenfield3 james_greenfield3

    How much were you paid by Trudeau/Liberal Party to share this on Instagram?

  • 6w ago mary_ng mary_ng

    Amazing and I couldn’t agree with you more! I am so proud to work alongside you.

  • 6w ago michelle.bilek michelle.bilek

    Why are women MPs all posting the same message of support for JT on their social media accounts?

  • 6w ago bukhariasifraza bukhariasifraza

    MashaAllah.... Proud to be a pakistani and canadian

  • 6w ago khalidhamid5462 khalidhamid5462


  • 6w ago annie.mallick_mashli annie.mallick_mashli

    Love you girl for this amazing click❤️❤️❤️

  • 6w ago alexanderv52 alexanderv52

    Sharia law for Canada!

  • 6w ago iammazeppa iammazeppa

    you are a true soldier FOR ISLAM and the destruction of CANADA- get out before we get you because you are on the list. WE know what you are doing and TRUE CANADIANS will end your luxury very soon.

  • 5w ago editboy_schmeditboy editboy_schmeditboy

    #coverup #lavscam I guess you're only a strong woman if you do Mr. Trudeau's bidding eh

  • 5w ago editboy_schmeditboy editboy_schmeditboy

    @michelle.bilek because Master Justin told them to

  • 4w ago kuldeepa804 kuldeepa804

    Perfect personality. .

  • 4w ago kuldeepa804 kuldeepa804

    Sluit to both. .

  • 2w ago sidraandco sidraandco

    This is so cute

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