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daring to love. today I went to a russian bath house in london. all the healing practitioners who touched me were elders. I am thinking about the importance of caring healing touch by elders. I became so emotional. I thought of the many ways in which I was touched as a child. I was touched in loving ways by my mother. she hugged me often, held my hands when walking down the streets, and as I have grown, she has provided her buxom and shoulders for me to cry on and cry into. as an adult womxn who is a storyteller, often after performances, people come up to me and they desire touch. I hug them. I allow them to touch me and I embrace them lovingly giving them comfort and care. much of the touch in which I am comforted comes from the touch of my lovers. it is sexualized touch. romantic touch. sometimes the touch that I desire is a non-sexual one. a human touch devoid of sexual energy. today in the bath house I thought of that. I thought of race, the painful history of the ways in which my ancestors were forcibly and aggressively and hatefully touched by enslavers. can I even use the word ‘touch’ in this context? I also thought of the ways in which some touch was non-consensual and pedophilic and traumatizing as a child. can I use the word ‘touch’ in this context? and then I drifted into the realization that a part of the method I am developing must include an analysis of touch. consent and its relationship to touch. touch and its relationship to healing. healing and its relationship to mentorship and menteeship and how all of that factors into self-recovery. so much more to come on this. enjoy the clip. I share it with you from a place of love.


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