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Custom wing part 2, what’s y’all thoughts? I got everything cut to size, not great but it works, the sticks are just to keep it together for pictures, I plan to clean it up more before I start to fiberglass and epoxy everything back together, I have some pretty slick tricks up my sleeve for this so hopefully it turns out pretty cool... I’m in love with how it looks #miata #mx5 #custom #celica #mazda #foreverlearning #gonnapayoff


  • 6w ago d.t.o.m.13 d.t.o.m.13

    Going to look 👀 Cool 😎 when done ✅ You going to use a little bracket to make a little higher?

  • 6w ago daddy_two_tone daddy_two_tone

    @d.t.o.m.13 I might be able to fit a few washers on the rear bolts to make it angle a little more upward so it’s not following the shape of the car so much ya know what I mean? Then I can use some nice thick black rubber mat and cut myself some nice gasket sorta things so it will sit nice and flush and won’t have any gaps where it mounts

  • 6w ago gus_milk gus_milk

    I dont like the cloth top but looks good

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