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What are some of the mistakes you have made on your journey or are still making? Share this to remind others what Zerowaste is really about!💕 I think people often forget the core message of Zerowaste (myself included 🤷🏻‍♀️) I’ve made some silly mistakes especially when I first started like buying a travel sized utensil kit 🙄 yes it was basically just baby sized utensils like come on, instead of bringing one of the 50 forks we had at home 🤦🏻‍♀️ I also still use plastic pens (we have so many) at school lol I felt like a fraud, but I just have to remember that the core msg of Zerowaste is to use what you have first then replace when u need it! This helps reduce the amount oft waste you create. I think everyone who goes Zerowaste or wants to be more eco friendly starts off by thinking they have to spend a ton of money to achieve that and really at the core that’s not true if you’re using what you have you will save a ton of money. Like using the utensils, plates, plastic tubs, clothes you already have on ur shelf of cupboard. If you need to replace some try the thrift store first they have like $2 T-shirt’s and other crazy things like used Wii’s or chairs for $9. However there are some things that are more expensive like bamboo toothbrushes which u can’t exactly make urself unless you’re really skilled. Organic produce is also often more expensive. But I think the key is to do what you can, nobody is perfect. If you can’t afford organic then don’t try to reduce you’re footprint else where like try to reduce your water usage when showering, try to avoid plastic if u can. Can’t go vegan due to health issues? Then just reduce your intake as much as you can like maybe go 2/3 meals meat free. I’m tired of people trying to make the environmental movement an elitist movement where you have to be 100% perfect because that’s not true we just need people to try 🌎💕 Also here’s to all the ladies that are leading this movement you are truly amazing! #happyinternationalwomensday 🌿

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