Instagram post by @tinamarie.perez Tina-Marie Perez

What a T-R-E-A-S-U-R-E! Esther Echeverria and the entire LHF Team is such an incredible blessing in my life. Unexpectedly presented with a lovely box filled with some very special birthday gifts while at LHF this week. Esther designed the shadow box (which lights up!) to include all words/descriptions she says remind her of me❤☺The two acrylic hearts house ALL the names of the members of the LHF Hospitality Team, LHF Worship Team, LHF Kidz Club and #NextGenLHF. They wouldn't all fit on just 1 heart!!😁❤I'm so extremely honored by these gifts and never dreamed that this would one day be my life. I pray for our team on a regular basis and always joke that I have to call them out alphabetically to keep from missing any, now I have all the names on display😊😁❤. Thank you Esther and the entire LHF Team for showing your love to me and everyone who attends LHF -AND- for serving so faithfully to advance the Kingdom of God!
#SoUnexpected #MorethanGrateful

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