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@kerrangmagazine_ have written a great article pondering the future of Machine Head. Swipe the link in our Story, or hit link in bio @machine_head


  • 6w ago juan_bautista_el_texicano juan_bautista_el_texicano

    Been a fan since Burn my eyes just before More things change, as much as I've loved McClain on drums, I am curious to see if new musicians make new ideas, new chemistry and more awesome music. Fuck the retards that talk shit. They're just fucking jealous😂 30 plus years of a very successful band while others bands have come and gone makes the haters more salty

  • 6w ago nige_official nige_official

    I did not like catharsis at all. In some ways I felt after listening to that album my impression is that metal is a dead form of music. The songs were just a mishmash of mh's discography from all the previous albums. That 'metalcore' style is done and dusted. Blood stone and diamonds was the end of the cycle for that style. MH need a new direction.

  • 6w ago filipo.tempest filipo.tempest

    Por que a ellos les sale poner cara de malo y uno sale como las weas en las fotos, vendiendola todo el rato :c

  • 6w ago brian.chitwood brian.chitwood

    @sierra_gold_ he was a dick at show's back in the 90s ain't nothing changed. Made some great music along the way and I've been a fan for 20plus years but the past 2 or 3 years have been a little much for sure.

  • 6w ago tom_stewart123 tom_stewart123

    Tour dude...tour tour tour....come on we love you....there are a million awesome guitar players and drummers out there...pick 2 and get on the road

  • 6w ago pinecone_robinson pinecone_robinson

    I’m all about new machine head fuck the haters

  • 6w ago arriandelabahan arriandelabahan

    Please play heavier. Please do not become influenced by Imagine Dragons.

  • 6w ago _the_world_on_fire _the_world_on_fire

    Fuck these snowflakes. Trump 2020

  • 6w ago therealgrindersin therealgrindersin

    Bring back Team Flynn!

  • 6w ago eddy01 eddy01

    I would love to hear some more acoustic Machine Head, cold be like a Machine Head & Friends. I think this would be a nice unwinding to the anthology of Machine Head

  • 6w ago parametalhead parametalhead

    Nobody cares Robb.

  • 6w ago socarras_art socarras_art

    Love MH and love Rob Flynn u rock bro 👊🏻 routing for you 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • 6w ago mr.darkness.forever mr.darkness.forever

    @robbflynn ... been sayin this for 2 years now... LISTEN LOUD AND CLEAR.... THE ENTIRE WORLD DOES NOT SHARE YOUR POLITICS!..... You hell about division, unacceptance, lack of compassion??? try taking a mouthful of your OWN advice.... your liberal bubble is just that... a bubble to which your newsfeed you base your anger about our president has an goal.... that goal is to see thier side and HATE ALL THAT DISAGREE.... thats how you sound Robb Flynn... when you dont support your country, you shit on those that support you and those who fight for uour freedom to speak..... your band left you because your path was riddled with division and control.... been your fan for 25 yrs.... been there for YOU AND MACHINE HEAD SINCE THE BEGINNING... focus on the music... respect ALL your fans... give them the best of you Robb... your success was based upon 5 heavy hitting albums.... do you need to be told which ones?????? ... im a bay area Republican and it disgusts me how California has turned into a shithole.... run by the same people who you side with.. not that that matters but godamn man... you gotta see outside your bubble..... the world sees different.... and thats what makes us, dont add to division.... you and MACHINE HEAD WILL NEVER RECOVER FROM THE POLITCAL PATH YOU PAVE..... 🤘😣🤘

  • 6w ago mr.darkness.forever mr.darkness.forever

    @bdawgmcmayhem Burning Red was a dumpsterfire...

  • 6w ago nick_n00dles nick_n00dles

    Hopefully not a train!

  • 6w ago bommer5 bommer5

    maybe Robb realizing republicans listen to metal music as well ?! dude really let me down the past couple years

  • 6w ago bommer5 bommer5

    @brian.chitwood these guys were my 3rd favorite band for close to 20 years, and then robb opened his uneducated left coast mouth. it was really dissapointing. I work to hard for my money, and I won't give a dime to that dude ever again

  • 6w ago chadsch556 chadsch556

    Hoping your next CD has more time and effort put into it. Unto the locust was incredible. A masterpiece. The latest CD sounds rushed, like you only did it because you had to. Machine head is one of my favorite bands, so I don't say this lightly.

  • 6w ago dime666bag dime666bag

    @hussamj81 i wish man !

  • 6w ago jdm_love.addiction jdm_love.addiction

    @metallikale was gonna say the same

  • 6w ago bdawgmcmayhem bdawgmcmayhem

    @mr.darkness.forever my point exactly. It did have a couple songs worth playing live, but for the most part, not that good.

  • 6w ago michaelrussell123 michaelrussell123

    People get mad when you don't drink the Trump koolaid but at the same time Demmel left so the band won't be the same without him.

  • 6w ago ari_traffic ari_traffic

    Rob Flynn should front Static X! That would be so damn epic!

  • 6w ago zerosignal0 zerosignal0

    I thought y'all were splitting and this was the last tour. Is that not the case now?

  • 6w ago machineslaves85 machineslaves85

    @mr.darkness.forever you don't have to support what you don't like

  • 6w ago machineslaves85 machineslaves85

    I think people just made a huge fuss about something that isn't a big deal, plus if Catharsis had super modern conservative lyrics, the same who are complaining about it... would be insulting others who didn't see things the same. I look at it as... some of their own medicine. I didn't mind The Burning Red or Supercharger myself. Whether or not they were cashing in on nu metal's popularity, they did it better than the second wave of nu metal did. If you don't like it, no one's making you listen to it.

  • 6w ago mr.darkness.forever mr.darkness.forever

    @machineslaves85 simple keep your fucking politics outta my thrash metal... and nobody gets pissed..... 😉

  • 6w ago mr.darkness.forever mr.darkness.forever

    @pinecone_robinson your probably also all about the spin doctors and watching the kardashians too.... 🙄👌

  • 6w ago machineslaves85 machineslaves85

    @mr.darkness.forever I don't share either side of common mainstream politics, but if people want to share their views, you can't do a goddamn thing to stop them. It's just entertainment for me to watch people fighting over their own interpretation of what is fed to them. Thrash metal has always had politics. It's actually what has made up a large part of its lyrical content. Machine Head isn't thrash either.

  • 6w ago pinecone_robinson pinecone_robinson

    @mr.darkness.forever hahaha hell yah!!!

  • 5w ago annahaskins335 annahaskins335

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  • 5w ago charlenec372 charlenec372

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  • 5w ago ettevy_nash_ ettevy_nash_

    @machine_head can’t wait

  • 5w ago legendarywriter legendarywriter


  • 5w ago al_wolve al_wolve

    Hey hi Robb how ´bout that? >> Machine Head - Aesthetics of Hate (Phil Demmel) guitar cover

  • 5w ago batistaparodes batistaparodes

    Machine head os great!! 👍💀💪💀

  • 4w ago roel_van_den_dries roel_van_den_dries

    Machiiiiiiiine fuckinggggg heeeeeaaad🤘🤘

  • 4w ago joshdingmaster joshdingmaster

    I’m not too big on the political theme of Catharsis but the album still had it’s gems and, instrumentally it’s fucking amazing.

  • 3w ago saar65 saar65


  • 3w ago saar65 saar65


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