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here is video of the #deadlegend ( deadhead og x legend og ) taken by my homie @bostonrootsseedco. dead legend is cut that came from a single deadhead og “sunsimi cut” bag seed which resulted when a legend og plant accidently pollenated the deadhead og that was in the room. to explain a little more about this cut & be perfectly clear, this is NOT the cali connection deadhead og. to anyone who has had the pleasure of smoking this particular cut of deadhead og, they will attest for its mouth coating lemon lime pine cleaner taste & gassy og aroma. the deadhead og yields amazing when dialed, but bag appeal & appearance lacks heavily. the dead legend retained all the taste, structure & yield from the deadhead og but inherited the bud structure, shape & trich production from the legend og. the flowers in which the dead legend was found were grown by @loyalty_7icmag, then passed from myself to @bostonrootsseedco & found & grown out by him. @bostonrootsseedco then pollenated the dead legend with @archiveseeds face off og bx2 male (which he used in his headbanger x face off bx2.) from those seeds i selected a male that had overwhelming dead legend traits and pollenated the dead legend cut to make the bx1. i am very excited to have begun working this cut in to a seed line along with boston roots help & looking forward to what it will bring to the table in all of its crosses. also heard through the grapevine that @bostonrootsseedco has something special in the works as well with the dead legend so stay tuned.😎 shout to @bostonrootsseedco for poppin that bag seed & blessing me with the cut & to @loyalty_7icmag for introducing me to the deadhead og and growing the flower s which it originated from. 🙏🏼🙏🏼 the dead legend bx1 line & its crosses will need some thorough testing before the possibility of release due to the dead legends history of having nanas popping up in the buds in final weeks of flower; which have been sterile in the past but want to be safe. a good amount of work ahead but this juice is defff worth the squeeze.💪🏼🍋🌲⛽️ #greenteamgenetics #deadlegendbx1 #deadlegend #bostonrootsseedco #blockwork #teamworkmakesthedreamwork


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