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This early bird brought some showbiz shenanigans to the show. Thank you @tvsrichardarnold for spending lunchtime having a cuppa with us. ❤️ #loosewomen #gmb #itv #daytime #richardarnold


  • 7w ago rhone902 rhone902

    What a lovely funny polite man xx

  • 7w ago cmwragg cmwragg

    Love Richard Arnold, the only problem is he wasn't on long enough x

  • 7w ago unknown40065 unknown40065

    I got 14 pieces of homework over half term. 6 were projects. Still have not completed them and I know teachers won’t mark the homework at all. Absolutely pointless.

  • 7w ago mariaowenscarty mariaowenscarty

    @cmwragg was about to say the same x

  • 7w ago weegran.63 weegran.63

    Richard is always happy 😊

  • 7w ago jujugillywilly jujugillywilly

    Love Richard so much!!

  • 6w ago texaslaw1848 texaslaw1848

    Holly's drunken performance on the one show wasn't really funny and her outrageous flirting with the magician was just embarrassing ! Is she the next James Grant media group celebrity heading for rehab like Ant Mcpisshead , she obviously needs help !!! 😕😕

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