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Unpredictably brilliant. Go inside the mind of Yorgos Lanthimos and see #TheFavourite today on Blu-ray & Digital. Link in bio.


  • 6w ago stonexblunt stonexblunt

    Okay that was the thing I was waiting for weeks

  • 6w ago katarzyna.bargielowska.actress katarzyna.bargielowska.actress


  • 6w ago shapesxhome shapesxhome

    some people say hes the stanley kubrick of out generation close but yorgos lanthimos is all real and natural and also hes a greek film maker in america hes officially in the scene and is honestly one of the best directors of all time

  • 6w ago victoriakyriakides victoriakyriakides


  • 6w ago triliaryeha triliaryeha

    Love them😍😍

  • 6w ago triliaryeha triliaryeha

    Love Emma's laugh😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • 6w ago renata.mendeso renata.mendeso

    Love Rachel ❤️

  • 6w ago amylouadms amylouadms

    i’ve been promoting ur movie since birth send me the bluray im broke❤️

  • 6w ago melain melain


  • 6w ago chachapowpow chachapowpow

    This movie is GARBAGE. I just watched and HATED it. 6 dollars WASTED.

  • 6w ago marianalocro marianalocro

    Hayyyy Emma 😍

  • 6w ago marianalocro marianalocro

    Emma... Emma 🤤

  • 6w ago thechriselms thechriselms

    This film is a work of art! Yo this is a Legend! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  • 6w ago tracey.stratford.ward tracey.stratford.ward

    Sorry not feeling it. I love movies and even ones I'm not sure about I usually watch the whole way through but I turned this off I didn't like it at all. Boring disjointed slow and underwhelming. Shame because I like all the actors and a love a period drama but it was not for me

  • 6w ago lisaberndle lisaberndle

    @chachapowpow okey ellen nobody asked you

  • 6w ago virpivirtamo virpivirtamo


  • 6w ago yacn_tlv yacn_tlv

    Spectacular performance 🔥🔥🔥

  • 5w ago jetski934 jetski934

    @xtina_myr aiii Wir müssen ihn noch sehen irgendwann

  • 5w ago xtina_myr xtina_myr

    @jetski934 yes

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