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hello my darling global village. yes indeed it has been a while. I have been growing. learning. learning about myself. learning about people. learning about systems. and locating myself at the intersections. 2019 is not joking with the drastic changes that is is sending my way. I am here for it. I am here for all of it. integrity. clarity. steadfastness. discipline. humility. courage. and plenty plenty plenty solitude. masterclass in self-mastery. I am here for all of it. #selfmastery


  • 2w ago mlsheldon mlsheldon

    “Yes, the ancestors put me exactly where I need to be...” ❤️🙌

  • 2w ago mlsheldon mlsheldon

    Love your words.

  • 2w ago dione.c.haynes dione.c.haynes


  • 2w ago lateef_omar_martin lateef_omar_martin

    Safe journies through your curve!

  • 2w ago kamalamackerel kamalamackerel

    It is so lovely to hear your voice & see the spark in your eyes. I am so happy everything is aligning as it should 💖🌸✨

  • 2w ago nasraad nasraad

    So much juicy love to you duri g this shift. I know it, I feel it, and I'm grateful to see how it is shaping/touching you 💞

  • 2w ago sistahlois sistahlois

    🎊🐣Excellent 💛Trajectories💎!

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