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✊ RIP Karabo Mokoena ✊


  • 7w ago ogbuebele ogbuebele

    That's South Africa for you,, finding excuses to blame the victim,, WE ARE A SICK NATION

  • 7w ago khanyisileruth khanyisileruth

    Hey sorry to hear about ur friend.. U r stronger than that don't let any man ever get to you. Please leave his ass coz it shows that he does not know what love is

  • 7w ago cascarmachisa_07 cascarmachisa_07

    @grannyfitness this was planned

  • 7w ago petrover111 petrover111

    Fake account

  • 7w ago grannyfitness grannyfitness

    @cascarmachisa_07 she might have planned it but how did she know he was going to beat her obvious he always beat her and she set him up to get a proof, now it's not her word against him any more it's live

  • 7w ago hlogies hlogies

    @ncu_13sandy good am with u lovey abuse is abuse

  • 7w ago hlogies hlogies

    @baeangieangeangelic u are woman also one day u will get it ...looks like u know nothing about being in a abusive relationship for the sake of love

  • 7w ago lindelwalinx lindelwalinx

    I think you looking for attention nd you used the wrong thing sisi ......stepping on someone's head for popularity it's not a good thing day is one day nd the truth will prevail.we love you babes but this story there's more to it Nabongwane,Mnguni,Mpembe. Phephisa for what happened but it's still not clear what happened.😍

  • 7w ago mehli5285 mehli5285

    @thamizali Mampintsha his innocent

  • 7w ago kznlionness kznlionness

    @cascarmachisa_07 no body is something be of somebody

  • 7w ago kznlionness kznlionness

    Run cc phuma

  • 7w ago kznlionness kznlionness

    @maphanga.sandile usfuba bona qhaqhazela

  • 7w ago baeangieangeangelic baeangieangeangelic

    @hlogies I have bruises of an iron on my body just for asking are you cheating with her that's why am saying she knows nothing and she should stop using karabo as her escape goat

  • 7w ago ken_n_edy_bw ken_n_edy_bw

    tla kwano

  • 7w ago skavi_blunts skavi_blunts


  • 7w ago yollanda_the_queen_ yollanda_the_queen_


  • 7w ago siphesihlegina siphesihlegina

    @thamizali mlume English

  • 7w ago siphesihlegina siphesihlegina

    @ncu_13sandy 🙌

  • 7w ago porsche_calvins porsche_calvins

    No one deserves to be violanted. We are praying for you. Abuse is abuse it doesn't matter how it comes and nothing can justify abuse. We stand with you. You are so brave to take that step

  • 7w ago ndjalekaisack ndjalekaisack


  • 6w ago fe.rnando2412 fe.rnando2412

    @ncu_13sandy yeah I like that why you said it.. that is true abuse is abuse

  • 6w ago fe.rnando2412 fe.rnando2412

    @cascarmachisa_07 even if he took him in to he's career he should not hit a woman like that

  • 6w ago realdeeperj realdeeperj

    You are strong babes w

  • 6w ago valentinochanda valentinochanda

    @maphanga.sandile no don’t justify madness. If he was aggrieved then what about the first time he beat her up and the second time? Be real, if she was your sister can you be this nonsensical?

  • 6w ago pearlkhoza pearlkhoza

    Whether she takes drugs or not, whether she provoke him or not, whether he started her career or not no one in this world has the right to hit another human Mampintsha can go to hell. Lying psychopath that he is.

  • 6w ago mactayz41 mactayz41

    What ever we can say the problem is that the lady can't read 😢but u are a monster gal,just go and live the msn to rest just give him a peace of mind ,to be honest with you u are the one whom is abusive 😢😢

  • 6w ago kidox21 kidox21

    @teemshinga 😂😂🤣🤣

  • 6w ago kidox21 kidox21

    @_watch_my_space_ 💃💃💃💃😂😂😂😂

  • 6w ago _watch_my_space_ _watch_my_space_

    @kidox21 😆😆😆😆😆

  • 6w ago kidox21 kidox21

    @_watch_my_space_ worst part, this is a fake acc😂😂

  • 6w ago _watch_my_space_ _watch_my_space_

    @kidox21 😆😆😆😆oh sharks I didn’t realize that😆

  • 6w ago kidox21 kidox21

    @_watch_my_space_ I was here for the comments only😹

  • 6w ago _watch_my_space_ _watch_my_space_

    @kidox21 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 6w ago teemshinga teemshinga

    @kidox21 😂

  • 5w ago happy_saint_rsa happy_saint_rsa

    😢😢😢 ncooh

  • 5w ago thando8129 thando8129

    See😥that's the other reason u have to leave mampintsha or else I will join ur friend

  • 4w ago zoenandi.rsa zoenandi.rsa

    @dewahtours Amen.Im thankful that There are still people that choose to use their Brains .Honestly some women dont report Abuse because of the Judgement they receive from the public .This is why 2 out of 5 women would be suffering from Abuse and not report it because it was demonstrated here that the backlash that they shall receive from society is harder to bare than the Beatings they take .So @dewahtours Thank you 👏👏

  • 4w ago zoenandi.rsa zoenandi.rsa

    @therealmastavee but he still shouldnt have laid his hands on her. Mampintsha should have exercised a little thing we call Self discipline best described as Self Control .First of Men are naturally more powerful and stronger than women because of the Testerone. So please don't make Excuses for his Violent Nature!!Period

  • 4w ago dewahtours dewahtours

    @zoenandi.rsa I bet it's hard being in one but with the way technology has moved on nowadays should help eradicate domestic violence once and for all. Also our leaders should have resources available at ease for the abused. Men who do this should be shamed and corruption don't help the issue as often men often dodge prosecution.

  • 2w ago percy.nicky percy.nicky


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