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좋았는데 더 좋아졌어요😎
얼굴 위에 가볍게 슥슥 긋기만 해도 자외선을 차단할 수 있는 헬로써니 썬스틱 삼총사!
촉촉한 아쿠아, 뽀송한 프레쉬, 반짝반짝 글로우 까지, 피부 고민 따라 골라 쓰세요👏🏻
I know it was great, but it's got much better.
Here's three dudes of hello sunny protecting you from the UV by just applying on your face!
Moist, "Aqua", Soft and Smooth, "Fresh", Twinkle Twinkle, "Glow"
Take one following your skin type.

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