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Being "brave" when you race doesn't mean you "go for it no matter what." Run hard from the gun and do your best to hold on. --- That's not brave. To be honest... if your goal is based in performance... it's reckless. Chances are you will give away your performance if you run too fast too soon.

Trust your fitness, but run with intelligence to achieve the result. Opening up a 10k at true 5k ability is not how you'll run your best 10k. Opening up a marathon with your first 10k as your fastest is probably not how you'll run your best marathon.

Recognize where you are... the reality of current fitness. And run that. It doesn't mean your last race should determine your next. It doesn't mean run a race at "goal race pace" (for whatever the heck that means) if you are months away from being able to do so --- Simply recognize reality. And you might do something amazing inside of it.

Just ask @stefanieannflippin - who dropped from 41:15 to 36:32 in her 10k. Near a 5 minute PR. The reality of her fitness didn't say 39:30... 40:30... 37:45... and it most certainly didn't say 34:15. Reality said 36:30 and she went out there and came within 2 seconds of what @itsheathersturn told her she would run.

Stop being brave... start running smart. It doesn't mean you'll always hit exactly on the dot. But barring something outside of your control happening... you shouldn't be that far off.

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