Instagram post by @eatlivtravwrite Mardi Michels

When your Grade 6s come to the end of a unit learning all about #Haiti and they’ve researched typical dishes, you let them choose a few recipes to cook together!
We made bananes pesées (fried plantains), Soupe Joumou (the traditional Sunday soup and also the soup eaten on Independence Day Jan 1st), beef patties, coconut ice cream and banana pancakes (which doesn’t seem Haitian at all but which appears on our food research website. When you look closer at the recipe you see how it IS typically Haitian as it’s ’s not made with milk - not common in Haitian cooking - and was an interesting recipe for the boys to attempt!)
A highlight was watching the boys cooking together, showing good teamwork and problem-solving. Another was watching them eat the food and be pleasantly surprised by some of the dishes. For the boys, I think the highlight might definitely have been getting to use the special plantain press which I brought back from Haiti! #kidscancook #CookingWithKids #KidsInTheKitchen #FoodEducation


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