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  • 6w ago phumzile3834 phumzile3834

    Sukel'i West😂

  • 6w ago siyabonga_maqungo siyabonga_maqungo


  • 6w ago sibusisoaiwa sibusisoaiwa

    You don't treat your girlfriend like that🙌😢😢

  • 6w ago didi_p_in_the_house didi_p_in_the_house

    @rodrigeus_driguez i dont agree with u becuase as a man or woman if u cheat that does not give your partner the right to lay their hand on u😢

  • 6w ago huygens3.3 huygens3.3

    Türkler basmıştır yine burayı

  • 6w ago siphe.m_ siphe.m_

    Abuse is something that must be stop men should see what they doing is wrong . I DON'T care if that person is rich he is wrong babes wodoum must be serve in court they must know girl are going to die one day . Beacuse of the stuiped thing they did will come back when i am older i will show my children to love one anthor and not hurt each other 😢😢😢 i am sad the world has turn into this when i am older i wounder if the world will still be like this WOMEN OF THE WORLD TAKE ACTION 👏👏👏😢😢

  • 6w ago oluwasmith02 oluwasmith02

    Queen babes dis man does not worth u. Fyn girl lyk u

  • 6w ago lunje4 lunje4

    I hate uu mampintsha😰

  • 6w ago matlhaelakotola matlhaelakotola


  • 6w ago nozibusiso_ nozibusiso_

    @rodrigues_driguez I feel sorry for your daughters bra...keep talking someday you'll say something intelligent.

  • 6w ago nozibusiso_ nozibusiso_

    @rodrigues_driguez still trying to figure out how to say something intelligent I see🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • 6w ago nozibusiso_ nozibusiso_

    @mnandnuka I don't know what makes you so stupid but it really works...#trash

  • 6w ago mnandnuka mnandnuka

    @nozibusiso_ andazi mfondini

  • 6w ago 67casttern 67casttern

    babes wodumo break up with this guy

  • 6w ago di_siya2754 di_siya2754

    Babes Wodumo I’m your big fan .... what can tell you sis wam , lento oyenzile it shows that you planned it , If u didn’t Vedanta uShimora any more u could have dumped him kahle Nje sis wam . Not lodoti owenzile, ay shame , bengikhathanda njengo mculi wakithi DBN but u just have shown me some other side which I didn’t know ngawe

  • 6w ago di_siya2754 di_siya2754

    Mampitsha was wrong to beat you , Wena u provoked him until he done it. Then u took a video

  • 6w ago johnnyboyflex johnnyboyflex

    stupid fatty boom boom

  • 6w ago lamarnoplay lamarnoplay

    @rodrigues_driguez you are clearly from the deepest jungle. Don't you got a sister or at least a mother?

  • 6w ago tyrese.alexander.73 tyrese.alexander.73

    @rodrigues_driguez sometimes men like you need some punishment going on like we perfect and so on... That's why girls of today doesn't want us guys anymore because we are cowards, we can hit a girl how we want but when a real man step up to the man who raised his hand to the woman can't stand his ground because his scared his a bang gat... You guys who lift a hand up for a woman is a moffie... Finish with the story... You guys want faithful ladies but you guys can't treat them right... So you guys will always end up with people you never wished for... Soon a lady will discipline you guys

  • 6w ago tyrese.alexander.73 tyrese.alexander.73

    @rodrigues_driguez this guy is just fucked up... His a moffie... Going on like his perfect... If I had the opportunity then I would fuck him up... Then men like him will feel how these women feel... Men like him is going on like they will achieve everything in life... As life goes on... Things will become worse for them... They will regret it one day

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  • 6w ago vuyomanvmokoena vuyomanvmokoena

    Awkodw mampintsha😢

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  • 4w ago abm7840 abm7840

    Thank u

  • 4w ago abm7840 abm7840

    @50cent @trickdaddydollars @abment @jeezy

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  • 4w ago _za.ddyy _za.ddyy

    @fitbbcmaster you have no shame

  • 4w ago fitbbcmaster fitbbcmaster

    @_za.ddyy yes u are right. Who shame ep

  • 3w ago itumeleng_mochumi itumeleng_mochumi

    @qing_lineopayne huh Mara 😢

  • 3w ago klymcford klymcford

    Yohhh gosh

  • 3w ago 5two8hz 5two8hz

    @rodrigues_driguez I'll beat your ass you FUCKIN LOSER

  • 3w ago wba72 wba72

    I do hope your ok no women should be treated like this respect goes along way find a guy who treats you like a queen xxxxx❤️❤️❤️hugs from me

  • 3w ago reneilwematlakala reneilwematlakala


  • 2w ago jimito_jamz jimito_jamz

    👏👏👏👏👏Good girl

  • 2w ago

    😤 very sad

  • 3d ago abm7840 abm7840


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