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🌟Kyler Murray. Ladies, if you know one thing about the NFL COMBINE & THE NFL DRAFT, know Kyler Murray. He's the main attraction.
🏈This weekend, in Marc Tracy's NY Times Article, he writes that Gil Brandt, former Dallas Cowboys personnel chief, said he can't remember more buzz around a draft prospect. Brandt stated, "This is the most in history and I've been doing this since 1977."
🏈Quick Briefing: Kyler was the star quarterback at Oklahoma (Boomer). He was suppose to finish his college season & play major league baseball w/the Oakland Athletics, who agreed to pay him a $4.6M signing bonus. Yep, he's a boss at football & baseball.
👉After winning the Heisman Trophy, he decided to focus on football & declared for the NFL Draft. The Oakland A's & the baseball world heartbroken.
🏈The HYPE: He's not big for the NFL. Is he tall enough? Is he big enough? Are his hands big enough? These are pertinent questions for NFL organizations before they sign a QB.
🏈He measured in at 5 feet 10 1/8" tall and weighed 207. His hand measured 9 and 1/2", which is apparently ordinary for a QB.
🏈The typical QB is bigger than Murray, better to see and throw over offensive lineman. Tom Brady is 6-4. But, you have Drew Brees (Super Bowl winner), Russell Wilson, and of course, Baker Mayfield (Former Sooner who was taken #1 in The Draft last year), who are closer to Murray's size. So, he's got that.
🏈The question is: Where will Kyler go? He said he would like to play for the NY Giants, but there is a lot of buzz around the Arizona Cardinals.
🏈One thing's for sure: He's expected to go 1st in the Draft and I can't wait to watch!

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    You might want to check your facts. Oklahoma didn't play in the championship, a fact to which I am extremely sad, they lost in the playoffs. Alabama and Clemson played for the title game, Clemson won.

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