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Ajowan -
A member of the botanical family umbelliferae (parsley)
Also known as ajwain, carum, Ethiopian cumin, and bishop’s weed Native to India and North Africa, the ajowan plant (trachyspermum ammi) is a thin plant with leaves like carrot tops and white tufts of
flowers that look like Queen Anne’s lace. The tiny seeds look like fennel seeds.
The flavor of the ajowan seed is a little like thyme, as it contains the same aromatic compound thymol. But it’s more complex, reminis�cent of caraway, celery seed, and cumin.
In Indian Cuisine it is extensively used into starchy foods like breads, legumes, and vegetable dishes. It’s an impor�tant flavor element in West African dishes as well, especially ground�nut soup, and it is included in several of the region’s traditional spice
blends, including kala masla and berbere.
1.Improves digestive health
2.Curing common cold
3.Lessen greying of hairs.
4.Relief from Arthritis pain
5.Helps reducing health
6.Small children are given two drops of Ajowan oil, in case of indigestion.
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