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Its getting closer and closer. I know i’ll be gone for a long time and i will miss you all and i know some of you will miss me. Just keep me close to your heart and ill always keep you close to mine no matter what🇺🇸


  • 7w ago kenaaakinggg kenaaakinggg

    i miss you bestie!! you look good💓

  • 7w ago iiiikkkkeeeeeeeeee iiiikkkkeeeeeeeeee

    Bro 🖤 I can honestly say I will miss ya dawg ❤️

  • 7w ago _.kmack._1 _.kmack._1

    that’s my best friend,,go best friend!!! 🤩

  • 7w ago _chloeriddle_ _chloeriddle_

    i’m so so proud of you cj!! ilysm!

  • 7w ago lizzie_max lizzie_max

    im. finna. cry. 😩❤️ so so proud of you 😩😩❗️

  • 7w ago jessiec_101 jessiec_101

    I just wanna say how proud i am of you bro. Ima miss you mane. Much love

  • 7w ago fw_lil_shooter_ fw_lil_shooter_

    Tbh bro I'm ganna miss u and I'm headed that way to so we might see each other at basic but believe me it not hard at all they say that it's just like camp shelby and everything so keep ur head yo that u ganna make it ight Sargent.... ....... parade rest ... right face .... left face ... about face ... cadances ... all that other stuff we ganna ser each other soon 💙💙💙💙📱

  • 7w ago chloeighhhh chloeighhhh

    oooooo best friend 🤩💗

  • 7w ago dobbbbss dobbbbss

    Proud of you brother imma miss you man 💯✊🏽

  • 7w ago lanigbush lanigbush

    cj 😭😭

  • 7w ago _shiann.w _shiann.w

    gonna love and miss you so proud of you ❤️❤️

  • 7w ago karen_miles_24 karen_miles_24

    Thanks for ur service

  • 7w ago md459049 md459049

    Be safe

  • 7w ago sebastianator60 sebastianator60

    Gonna miss you brother 🦁

  • 7w ago shemoanssfrato shemoanssfrato

    Boy that suit fit you 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • 7w ago madison.j.scott06 madison.j.scott06

    you have a lot of besties, but I guess I might miss you some when you’re gone.

  • 7w ago calebjoshua39 calebjoshua39

    ill miss you a lot bro 🦝

  • 7w ago ashhypooh_ ashhypooh_


  • 7w ago ashhypooh_ ashhypooh_


  • 7w ago jg.garmon jg.garmon

    miss you bro proud of you !

  • 7w ago aktownsend18 aktownsend18

    I couldn’t be happier to call you my friend ❤️

  • 7w ago kathryn.grace_2019 kathryn.grace_2019

    So proud of what you are doing

  • 7w ago vincentvoltolina vincentvoltolina

    Good luck

  • 7w ago vincentvoltolina vincentvoltolina

    Just remember they can’t kill you and it doesn’t last forever✊🏼

  • 7w ago _meh.fml_ _meh.fml_

    😭😭omg imma miss my best friend so much. I been trying now to think about you leaving bc I don’t want you to go. You’ve been an amazing friend to me and I couldn’t ask for one any better. I’m so proud of you CJ. 😭😭

  • 7w ago blackwoodowens blackwoodowens

    Love you, meemee

  • 7w ago fw_lil_shooter_ fw_lil_shooter_

    @shemoanssfrato its suppose to be that way

  • 7w ago michiah53 michiah53

    Good luck bro we need to hang again before you leave

  • 7w ago cboo.cboo cboo.cboo

    @michiah53 just lmk brother

  • 7w ago kambree_2002 kambree_2002

    So proud of you best frand ❤️

  • 7w ago madison_krueger madison_krueger

    I love you, be safe and come back, You look great, I miss you already. You are so strong and im so proud of you. I love you

  • 7w ago morgann_mommyof3 morgann_mommyof3

    Love you I’m proud of you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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