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A wispy bit of rain falls across the hills of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation. The park lies in Nevada’s Mojave Desert. and is known for geological features such as towering red sandstone peaks. The Red Rock area has a complex geological history, which over millions of years, helped create the region's dramatic landscape. By 180 million years ago, the climate continued to change and the area became a desert with vast expanses of huge shifting sand dunes. These dunes accumulated over a broad area and were lithified, cemented with calcium carbonate and iron oxides. They developed as the colorful Aztec Sandstone.
During a mountain-building period called the Laramide orogeny around 66 million years ago, the Keystone Thrust Fault developed. The Keystone is part of a series of thrust faults which ran through much of western North America and through the #RedRock. But all I really know is that it is a beautiful place that I will visit again. @atedge

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